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Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300)


 Prospective Marriage Visa - Partner Visa 300

The Prospective Marriage Visa 300 is a temporary visa for an applicant who is engaged and wishes to marry a citizen of Australia, an eligible citizen of New Zealand or a permanent resident of Australia. It is valid for nine months. So, to stay in Australia after that, you have to apply for the Subclass 801 and 820 Subclass visa during the period of stay. The applicant must be married to their fiancé during this time. When applying, the applicant must not be present in Australia. However, the marriage can take place either inside or outside of Australia.  

Prospective Marriage Visa - Checklist


Eligibility Criteria

 For Visa Applicants


The applicant:

   Should be over 18 years of age.

  1.  Shouldn’t be present in Australia when the application is lodged or when the visa is granted.
  2. Meet the requisite criteria of relationship.
  3.  It must be sponsored by your fiancé.
  4.   Must satiate the stated requirements for good character and health.
  5.   Must have repaid or made arrangements to repay any outstanding debt, towards the Government of Australia.
  6.   Must provide evidence that he/she intends to marry an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen.
  7.   Must know their prospective spouse well.
  8.   Must have met their prospective spouse in person.
  9.   Must be of the opposite sex from their partner (same-sex applicants should opt for a partner visa). 

       For Sponsors

   The sponsor:

   1.        Must be the fiancé of the applicant.

   2.        Must be of good character.

   3.        Shouldn’t have been a sponsor for a spouse application or a successful partner in the last five years.

   4.        Shouldn’t have sponsored more than one applicant in the past.

   5.        Shouldn’t have been a spouse or a sponsored partner in the past five years. 

  6.        Shouldn’t sponsor someone who was your partner then, if you have a Women at Risk visa

       At all times, a sponsor is held responsible for:

   ·         The money that the fiancé owes to the Government of Australia.

   ·         Fiancé’s compliance with the requirements of the Visa.

   ·         Fiancé’s employment in Australia


   Family members

   You can also include your stepchildren or dependent children in the application. The family members too will have to comply with the same visa conditions after they get the visa. Also, the rights of the family members will be the same as the primary applicant.

       Benefits of the Prospective Marriage Visa 

   As a holder of the Prospective Marriage 300 Visa, you get to:

   ·         Stay in Australia

   ·         Work in Australia

   ·         Travel to and from Australia infinite times

       Prospective Marriage Visa- Timeline

   The timeline of stay for the Subclass 300 Visa is 9 months.

       Prospective Marriage Visa- Medicare

   Unfortunately, a prospective marriage visa holder isn’t eligible for Medicare unless:

   ·         They are married to an Australian citizen, Australia PR or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

   ·         They have applied for the Subclass 820 Visa.

   Once the 820 application is lodged, you’ll get an acknowledgement of the application in addition to the Bridging Visa grant letter.

       Anyone living in Australia, (excluding applicants from Norfolk Island), is eligible for Medicare care if:

   ·         They have the citizenship of Australia.

   ·         They have documented citizenship of New Zealand.

   ·         They hold a permanent Visa.

   ·         They can prove a relationship to the permanent resident or a citizen of Australia.

   ·         They have the requisite permission to work in Australia

       Prospective Marriage Visa- Fee

   The present fee applicable for the Subclass 300 visa is listed below. Please know that these fees are subject to change and you have to check the cost before applying for the visa. 

       Application Fee:

   Main Applicant: The fee for the main applicant is AUD 1285.

   Additional Applicant: The fee for the additional applicant* is

   a)      When the applicant is under 18 - AUD 320

   b)      When the applicant is over 18 – AUD 645

    There will be an additional surcharge applicable based on the percentage rate payable depending on the payment method.

   *Additional applicant could be another person who is included in the family unit, for instance, a child.

       If you have to apply under the prospective marriage visa pathway, you must consider the costs involved in lodging the onshore partner visa application. In here, we have included a combined subclass 820/801 visa application cost. These fees are subject to change. You must, therefore, confirm the applicable cost before you apply for Visa.

       Application Lodgement Fee

   Main Applicant: The fee for the main applicant is AUD 7715.

   Additional Applicant: The fee for the additional applicant* is

   a)      When the applicant is under 18 - AUD 1935

   b)      When the applicant is over 18 – AUD 3860

       Other costs applicable

   You should also be prepared to bear other additional costs in addition to the fee mentioned above. These additional costs are variable and will depend on individual circumstances. Such cost will include:

   ·         Specialist fees

   ·         Feel for Medical examinations

   ·         Cost for character checks

   ·         Cost of translating the documents which aren’t in English

   ·         Cost of health checks

   ·         Cost of police verification

   ·         Associated costs where issues are identified

      Such costs will be analysed on a case-by-case basis. Please note, this isn’t an exhaustive list and there could be additional costs too that you might have to bear.

   In case, you have hired a migrating agent, he too will charge a fee for his services.

   There will be some costs that may be incurred more than once to cater to the visa requirements for the following:


·         Subclass 300 visa

   ·       Subclass 820 visa; and

   ·        Subclass 801 visa

       Prospective Marriage Visa- Processing time

   The processing time for 75% of applications is 17 months and the processing time for 90% of applications is 20 months.

       After the application is received, the Department of Immigration will begin the processing of the application. On average, the global processing time for 75% of applications is 14 months. However, global processing time may vary on a case-by-case basis. More or less, it depends on the circumstances of the applicant as well as the approval of the application.    

   During the processing of the application, certain circumstances arise which have an immediate effect on the processing time of the visa application. These circumstances aren’t in anyone’s control. The time will vary depending on the time        that external agencies take for approval – health agencies, police, Government, etc., to perform checks on the evidence provided. Such circumstances are unavoidable. However, some factors can assure a faster processing time. These include:

   ·         Initially lodging a complete application

       ·         Providing all supporting documents

       ·         Being prompt in responding to all additional information as requested by the authorities.

              So, as swiftly, as you are, the faster will be the processing time of your application. Hence, as soon as you receive an inquiry, you must respond to the authorities immediately. if you are already in a relationship , you may consider applying for a Partner visa, Partner Visa 309 ( Provisional)  Offshore or Partner Visa 801 ( Provisional)  onshore.