Partner Visa

Under the Partner Visa Stream an applicant can be sponsored by their Australian spouse, de facto or interdependent partner who must be either an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen, aged over 18 years.Partner


Once a temporary Partner Visa is granted it is valid for the whole waiting period until the Immigration Department comes to a decision over your permanent Partner Visa application. Once you are approved for the permanent Partner Visa, you can stay in Australia for good.

How it works

You have to send in an application for a temporary and permanent visa which you can do by completing an application and lodging it with the right bodies so it can be made to undergo an assessment. If after the assessment you do meet the criteria for this Australian visa, the temporary Partner Visa may just be given to you. This visa is valid until you are handed a Permanent visa that is usually given a couple of years after the application is lodged. If it happens that all requirements given are still met after two years, then that permanent Partner Visa is yours.

You can be eligible for a permanent visa minus the stipulated waiting period should you be able to show proof that you and your partner have been married or in a relationship for a total of 3 years or perhaps more than that.

The permanent visa may also be yours without having to wait in the event that you and your partner have been involved or married for 2+ years and a child (dependent) from you and your partner is present. If your partner has a permanent visa by way of the Australian humanitarian program or was given a protection visa then the 2-year waiting period is waived.


  • You not be within Australia when you apply for this Australian Visa.
  • You must not be in Australia when your Partner visa granted.
  • Abide by all legal criteria stipulated under Australian law.
  • Still meet legal criteria two years after the temporary visa is handed to you
  • Pay for the visa costs and application process.
  • Health examinations are par for the course and you may have to foot the bill for the medical check-up.
  • Police checks may also be necessary and you may have to pay for this to be processed in your own country.