Visa Service

Here at No Borders Migration Advocates, our primary goal is in assisting families, individuals, couples and businesses make their way to Australia to start a new life.Visa Service

We provide the highest quality and most accurate legal visa assessment and advice when it comes to your eligibility in migrating to Australia.

Visa Expert Team

We have a team of highly qualified immigration experts who are always on top of the latest news and policies regarding immigration for different people or groups. We make sure we provide only the most relevant information so you do not waste any time. We like to give it to you straight so no confusion and misconceptions happen and this is why our assessment service is top-notch.

Into a new life

As an immigration specialist, our main goal is to fulfill your dreams of moving to Australia and making sure you do not get into any legal problems. Our immigration specialist will work with you and for you to make sure you have every necessary document that will ensure a smooth move to Australia.

We do the leg work

Here at No Borders, our immigration services are the best you can find and if you are eligible to move to Australia, we will make sure you reach the land of down under. We will make sure you do not have to deal with confusing and often frustrating legalities.

What we can do for you

To make sure you have an easy time with your move, we offer you three convenient immigration services and they are:

  1. Free Online Assessment (provided for people interested in Skilled Independent Migration)
  2. Advanced Migration Service (by phone or face to face)
  3. Comprehensive Migration Representation

Our assessment officers will make sure you get the advice you need and will not place any limits in how you can get in touch or access information for your move to Australia. Not only do we offer assessments, representation and advice, we also offer you tons of additional services so make sure you take the time to see what else we have to offer you to make your life and your move easier.

For any questions you may have, do contact our international team to gather more information or ask for an assessment. You may reach the, by calling +61 (7) 3876 4000 or you may send them an email at service@noborders-group.com


Simply by delivering first class services, our clients trust us to help them realize their dreams of moving to the Land down under. So check out our reviews section to see what our clients have to say about us and our services.
  • Age between 25 and 45
  • > 1 year work experience
  • Good English knowledge
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