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Parent Visa

This Australian visa is for the parent of someone who is a permanent citizen of Australia at the time the visa as sent in for assessment. If your child is a permanent resident, said child should have at least two years of residency before this Australian visa can be given. However, the length of time required for a child's parents to be given this parent visa may be shortened under special and compelling circumstances. Parent Visa

For parents to be given the Parent Visa the following need to be shown

  • Half of your kids are citizens of Australia or permanent residents. They can also be eligible NZ citizens who reside in Australia.
  • A majority of your children are residents of Australia than in any other country.

When applying for this Australian visa, you can bring your partner along with other family members that are considered dependents so long as they fulfil given legal requirements.


This Parent visa is temporary and is valid for two years from the date given although steps can be taken to go for the permanent Parent visa (Subclass 103).

How it works

As mentioned, this is so parents can join their kids for a temporary or permanent basis should they decide to do so after the 2 years validity of the temporary visa is over. For sponsors, you have to provide a written proof that you can support, house, and assist the parent for whom the visa is to be granted. You have to make sure that you can provide enough proof that you can do such things for their first 2 years in the country under the temporary visa.

Applicants need to show proof of their kids' eligibility to sponsor them and they are the ones to complete the application process with the use and presence of all supporting documents. However, just because the visa is good for two years doesn't mean parents who are handed the visa need to stay in the country for that amount of time. They are free to leave if pursuing a permanent visa is not in the cards for them.


  • The sponsor must complete all the necessary forms and the same goes for the applicant.
  • There are some fees involved which range from medical exam fees to application fees and these are usually shouldered by the applicant
  • Costs for translation of documents are also usually shouldered by the applicants.