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News for 189 applicants


News for 189 Applicants over 45 and NZ Citizens


Short overview of current issues affecting the student visa programme


Visa cancellations climb to 47,000 by April 30


Australian businesses warn of "brain drain" over changes to 457 visas


Available Jobs in Australia


News for 189 Applicants over 45 and NZ Citizens

On 18th May 2017, the Government released a new Legislative Instrument revising the age requirement for the Points Tested Subclass 189 visa. The same instrument also clarifies General Skilled Migration (GSM) Pathway for NZ Citizens on the basis of residing in Australia for a period of five years. The paradoxical nature of this announcement is unfortunate. On one hand, this is unwelcome news for applicants who are 45 or over as they will no longer be able to meet the associated age requirement. On the other, NZ citizens may apply for GSM with less restrictions.

Applicants who are 45 and over

The Instrument confirms that applicants for a 189 visa assessed from 1 July 2017 must be under 45 years of age at the time of receiving an invitation to apply. No doubt, this is placing further restrictions on permanent visa options (or lack of) which are currently available to skilled migrants wanting to migrate to Australia. Subclass 189 applicants who have lodged an Expression of Interest and are/will be 45 or over at the time of Invitation, will no longer be able to meet the age requirement for this visa. Applicants who are impacted may be eligible for another visa, including State Nominated permanent residence or permanent residence via the Employer Nomination Scheme.

NZ Citizens holding 444 visa

Special NZ stream will be available to Subclass 444 visa holders applying for a 189 visa. To meet this requirement, an applicant will need to demonstrate their usual residency in Australia for continuous period of at least 5 years immediately before the date of the application. That continuous period of usual residence in Australia must have started on or before 19 February 2016. Evidence of residence such as ATO assessment/s needs to be submitted at time of making application.


This legislation is in force and is available to read here:


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Short overview of current issues affecting the student visa programme

issues affecting student visa programme

Visa Application Charge (VAC) increase

On 1 July 2017, there will be slight increases to the Visa Application Charge for both the primary applicant and additional applicants. The VAC for the primary applicant will be:

  • Student visa (subclass 500) and Student Guardian visa (subclass 590) will increase to $560.00;
  • Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) will increase to $1500.00;
  • Training visa (subclass 407) will increase to $280.00.

Late arrival letters

There is no obligation for the Department to request late arrival letters or new COEs for student visa applicants who have missed course commencement. If the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) is valid, the visa may be granted.

Education providers are encouraged to include information about the latest practical start date in the comments section of the Confirmation of Enrolment. If the student’s enrolment needs to be amended, providers should cancel or amend the CoE in PRISMS. Agents do not need to send a new CoE to the Department as we do check this in PRISMS.

My Health Declarations

Student visa applicants can complete My Health Declarations before lodging their application (family members can be included).

By completing My Health Declarations, the Department will determine if the applicant and their family members need to undertake a medical examination. A link will appear on the homepage for each person who is required to do this.

You can download a referral letter with information about which medical examinations you are required to complete and where. The letter will have a health identifier, known as a HAP ID. You will need to give your HAP ID when you make appointments.

If you have been given a HAP ID before you lodge your application, make sure you do not generate a new HAP ID in the application form. This will cause delays in processing your application.


  1. Include all CoE codes in the application form or the visa may only be granted for the CoEs listed.
  2. Ensure students are aware they need to depart Australia or apply for a new visa before their student visa ends. Failure to do this could impact on future visa applications even if the applicant applies for a further student visa within 28 days of the visa ending.

Source - third edition of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection's Agent Digest (May 2017)


Visa cancellations climb to 47,000 by April 30

Visa cancellations climbed in april 2017

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has of April 30, cancelled more than 47,000 visas for "a variety of reasons."

Secretary of the Department, Michael Pezzullo told a Senates Estimates Hearing "that 13,150 unlawful non-citizens had been located in Australia during this time, of which 1778 were working illegally."

More than 20,000 visas have been cancelled during the first four months of this year.

The number of visas cancelled up to December 31, 2016 was over 27,000.

Mr Pezzullo told the hearing that the department had served 328 notices to employers for employing unlawful non-citizens, or overseas workers in breach of their visa conditions.

"We are engaged in regular operations around the country, targeting individuals who have overstayed their visa and companies who are either employing non-citizens who do not have work rights, or those engaged in worker exploitation across a wide range of industries," he said.

The department cancelled over 60,000 visas during the last financial year.

The DIBP has also cancelled nearly 600 visas from January to April this year on the basis of character requirements.

Since legislative changes in December 2014, the total number of visas cancelled under the character provisions of the new law number 2598.

Non-citizens from New Zealand, United Kingdom and Vietnam comprise the top three nationalities to have their visas cancelled on character grounds.

"The department continues to work with law enforcement and other agencies to identify and, where appropriate, cancel visas for non-citizens engaging in gang violence or other criminal activity," said Mr Pezzullo.

Under section 501 of the Migration Act 1958, the immigration minister can refuse to grant or cancel the visa of a person on the grounds of not meeting character requirements.


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Australian businesses warn of "brain drain" over changes to 457 visas

Brain drain warning over changes to 457 visas

SBS News has been told that highly-skilled foreign workers are already starting to turn down top positions in Australia following the federal government's recent changes to 457 visas.

Medical institutes as well as some of the country's largest companies are warning of a top level "brain drain" as a result - and have met with immigration officials to plead their case.

For five years, American HIV researcher Sarah Palmer has worked in Australia.The 57-year-old is one of the most renowned researchers in the world in her field.

She's working on a cure, which she says would be a major medical breakthrough and a game changer for the 37 million people infected with HIV around the world.

She relocated to Australia on a 457 visa after working at some of the world's most prestigious medical research centres.

She applied as a life scientist - but it's a category that no longer qualifies for the temporary work visa following recent changes by the federal government.

President of the Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes, Tony Cunningham, helped recruit Sarah and says she was the best applicant by far.

Hundreds of occupations have been taken off the eligibility list for 457 visa applications.

Hundreds more have been wound back with an offer of two years in Australia instead of four, and no pathway to permanent residency.

Sarah Palmer says that given she had to uproot her partner's life to make the move to Australia, the shorter timeframe would have been enough to change her mind.

The medical sector is already warning that there are several star scientists who have turned down positions in Australia as a result.

Other industries are raising the alarm too.

Katie Lahey, the Executive Chairman of international executive recruiting company Korn Ferry, fears the two-year restriction will impact the ability of Australian companies to find the world's best talent for chief executive roles.

More than a third of CEOs currently employed at ASX-100 listed companies were born overseas.

Gregory Robinson is the managing partner at executive search and board advisory firm, Blenheim Partners.

He says the government's visa changes are already forcing some companies to put their applicant searches on hold.

A number of top Australian companies have met with Immigration officials in recent weeks to plead their case for exemptions for particular occupations.

The Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says there'll be regular reviews of the government's occupation lists, with the first one scheduled for July.



Available Jobs in Australia

Jobs in Australia

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Office Manager

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The successful candidate will possess:

  • Experience within a professional service firm
  • Formal qualifications required
  • Strong work ethic and be highly organised and attention to detail with accountability
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to prioritise and balance several tasks and work with deadlines with a demonstrated ability to work on multiple projects at one time
  • Strong administrative skills including record keeping and note taking


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The ideal candidate will possess:

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  • Excellent attention to detail
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Medical Administrator

To be successful in this role, you will have:

  • At least a Bachelor degree or at least 5 years’ of relevant experience.
  • An understanding of medico-legal issues and the legislative framework for public health services
  • Ability to work collaboratively with members of an inter-disciplinary team and to communicate with clinical and non-clinical staff
  • Ability to analyse and critically evaluate relevant information and apply to medical management issues
  • Well-developed written and communication skills

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