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Issue #2 July 2013

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Welcome readers!

It's time for our last newsletter of July as our 'July Special' on visas comes to a close. There is a lot of heavy content this issue, but I'm sure many of you will find it relevant and eye opening! We would also like to remind you about the Seminars we hold at our Milton office after 5pm on Thursdays regarding both migration, and personal development. Check out our website and Facebook page for regular updates and feel free to come see us at Level 4, 20 Park Road!

Thank you to everybody who helped make the Savoir Faire Eiffel Tower 'Switching on the Lights' event such a success on Sunday! I hope all who attended had a great time and got involved in some awesome activities with our local residents and businesses. Time to start digging into the content now, we greatly appreciate you taking time out of your day to take in the material we've prepared for you, and hope it helps you with all your future endeavours!

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No Borders 'July Special' on visas!

Mitchell Ramstadius | July 2013

Make sure you don't miss out on No Borders July special, there's still time to receive great savings! With the recent price rise on 457 Visas, we would love to help bear some of the burden for you. For many of you who weren't aware, this increase may have come as a nasty surprise.

  • This is why No Borders is excited and proud to offer 10% OFF of our regular Visa prices for the month of July!
  • On top of this No Borders will also continue to charge NO additional fee for extra applicants on the same visa throughout July. This means you and your family can migrate to Australia for the same price as a lone individual!
  • This is a fantastic opportunity for you to migrate to Australia with greater ease, by letting us cover some of the financial cost for you.

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Warning to Migrants and Visa Holders about Deportation Scam!

Mitchell Ramstadius | July 2013

Migrants and temporary visa holders have been warned by The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to be wary of scammers who are impersonating government officials and requesting money to be paid to avoid being deported.

The scammers tell you that you have a problem with your "citizenship and immigration services alien" (CISA) number, which is a completely fictitious number. They then proceed to make the payment request from you of about $900 up-front in cash or through a bank wire service. There have been 60 reports of the scam so far this year, but the actual number of people who have become victim to this scam is likely far higher.

If you think there is no chance that you will be targeted, know that the scammers are collecting personal data through websites and social networking forums. It is very easy to find people's personal data online such as a name, an address or a birth date which can make you feel like the scammer knows something about you adding to their legitimacy as a government department member. Remain calm when receiving calls about your visa, as they gain this information about you in an attempt to try and prey on your vulnerabilities and fears as a migrant.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship deal with all visa issues in Australia. Hang up the phone if the Government calls you demanding payment for visa related matters, as they never do this. DIAC and the ACCC strongly encourage migrants who experience this to report such incidents to the relevant state or territory police and to the Immigration Dob-In Line on 1800 009 623.

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Asylum Seekers without Visas Unable to ever Settle in Australia

Mitchell Ramstadius | July 2013

Australia's visa and immigration policy is undergoing major changes. The latest crackdown has resulted in any asylum seekers arriving by boat without visas becoming unable to ever settle in Australia. The launch of a major advertising campaign has further enforced the message that non visa holders are not welcome in Australia and will instead be transferred to Papua New Guinea (PNG). This tough stance is said to be aimed at putting a stop to the people smugglers who charge passengers thousands for a dangerous place on their boats to Australia.

One case involved 81 Iranians being told they were unable to settle in Australia after arriving by boat at Christmas Island. Many of them said if they knew these changes had taken place, they would never have tried to come into Australia on a people smuggler's boat. As they were unprepared they will probably now be doubting whether it was wise to come to Australia without a visa at all and eventually begin contemplating whether returning home is actually a better option for them, now that they have ruined their chances of migrating to Australia by failing to seek out the help of a migration agent.

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Status of the Significant Investor Visa

Mitchell Ramstadius | July 2013

Last November the Significant Investor Visa (SIV) was introduced. It aims to help boost the Australian economy and allow Australia to compete effectively for individuals with high net worth who are looking to move to Australia through investment migration. Applicants for this visa need to invest $5 million into the following qualifying investments:

  • Government bonds
  • ASIC regulated funds with an obligation to invest in Australia.
  • Direct investment into eligible Australian proprietary companies.

The $5 million must have been invested over at least four years before they become eligible for a permanent visa application. The new SIV is an amazing opportunity for real estate investors to draw capital from overseas towards their property investments and developments. However, a lack of confidence in what investments comply with the visa rules seems to be leading applicants to opt for more passive investments such as government bonds, and missing out on the opportunity to capitalise on higher yielding assets like property stocks.

The SIV operates visa under the business and innovations stream, with migrant investors essentially treated as VIPs given streamlined priority in the application process. No English language threshold needs to be met for applicants, and you do not need to satisfy the innovations points test required by normal business innovations visas. There is no maximum age to apply and the migrant investor only needs to stay in Australia for 160 days over four years, after which a permanent visa can be applied for.

Although making direct investment in property doesn't comply with the $5 million visa requirement, there are ways investors can get involved in passive property and development opportunities. One approach being attempted with property clients is the option of creating a proprietary limited company that would partake in property development. The investor applies for shares in the company to establish the equity for developing the site. This is an example of the great focus being placed on matching the local property expertise of Australian companies with the wealth of capital on offer from places like Asia, where they desire these types of qualifying investments in Australian property.

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457 Visa Program Invaluable to Australia

Mitchell Ramstadius| July 2013

The Migration Council Australia released a highly informative report on the 457 visa program, analysing a survey of 3,800 visa holders and 1,600 businesses. The report found that 457 workers have a high level of job satisfaction, which demonstrates how well they are integrating into the Australian workforce. This finding suggests that migrating to Australia has led to a better work life, according to migrants who have experienced a new life here first-hand. The report also details how integral the 457 visa program has been when keeping Australia competitive in an era when industry is global, with four out of five multinational companies using 457 visa holders to train and develop their Australian workers

There is clearly an extensive range of work opportunities for skilled migrants in the Australian labour force. With 98 per cent of innovation happening outside of Australia, the important role transferring the skills and knowledge from 457 visa holders to Australian workers plays in building Australia's human capital is reinforced. The report confirmed that 85 per cent of employers are satisfied with the scheme with most employers using the program to fill skills shortages.

While the vast majority of 457 visa holders indicated they were settling into Australia well, extra focus needs to now move towards spouses and dependents. If a 457 holder has a working Spouse they are more likely to stay in Australia, so extending support services appropriate to each migrants needs should be mutually beneficial to both migrant satisfaction and Australia utilizing their skills. Over 70 per cent of current 457 visa holders plan to apply for permanent residency in the future. This demonstrates the improvements achieved through the recent transformation in Australian immigration policy. We are seeing a sustained move towards employer demand having ever greater impact on immigration.

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How To Find Work In The Mining Industry

Jan Tan| July 2013

There have been much talk and buzz around getting a job in the mining industry in Australia. Leaders from this industry has shared that there is no simple solution but it will take time and effort to get what you want. They go on to say that most of the jobs are not with the major mining companies but contractors and supply firms (human resource companies).

"There's not a big demand for people in the industry that you can just turn up at a mining company and get a job. They are looking for people with that culture and experience,'' says Resources and Engineering Skills Alliance chief executive Phil de Courcey says.

For Students

It is advised that securing an apprenticeship should be the priority for those wanting to be involved in a trade mining job.

For Tradespeople

Qualified tradespeople can apply for positions with major companies as well as contractors and supply firms.

Approach human resource professionals and companies and ask what skills and qualities they look for in staff and be able to tick all the boxes before applying.

For Executives and Professionals

Workers should consider up-skilling themselves; enroll in a vocational college or university. The readiness to relocate should also be instilled in their mindsets when looking for a job in the mining industry.


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Effective Tricks To Writing A Quality Resume:

Jensen Tan | July 2013

Whether you are seeking a job as a waiter or a senior-engineer position, your resume is as important. I'm sharing some hidden industry facts over here – recruiters spend less than a minute reviewing your resume. These people (includes me as well) receive stacks of resume for just ONE position; CAN YOU IMAGINE NOW HOW HARD IT WILL BE FOR YOUR RESUME TO STAND OUT?


Cover letter – A well-written resume tells the hiring manager that you are interested in the job. A well-written cover letter tells the hiring manager that you are TRULY interested in the job.


Length – Keep your resume to two (2) pages. Three (3) at most.


Content – Utilize the job advertisement for key words to incorporate into your resume. For example, list out what skills and experience you possess that may fulfill the job description as advertised.


Formatting – Keep font size consistent and use bolding and italicization for effect. NO to fancy fonts or graphics. Keep resume layout clean and readable with plenty of white space to make it look inviting.

These are just four simple tips but trust me, it will go a long a way for you if you actually fulfill them. Here's a final tip for you, GET STARTED now!

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