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Australian visa for specialist teachers


Australia may introduce new visa for 'specialist teachers'


Trial 10-year Frequent Traveller Visitor visa in China


Australia introduces fast track visitor visa service for Indians


2016 was a time of change for Australian visa system and more expected in 2017


Available Jobs in Australia


Australia may introduce new visa for 'specialist teachers'

Federal Education minister Simon Birmingham has said Australia may consider getting specialist teachers from overseas in the wake of declining student performance in Maths and science.

The second release of international data shows Australian students are slipping behind in maths, science and reading.

Australia is above the OECD average, but sits equal 10th in science, equal 12th in reading and equal 20th in maths, according to analysis by the Australian Council for Educational Research.

Education Minister Simon Birmingham acknowledges Australia's performance in the three-yearly Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), released on Tuesday night, was slipping.

Senator Birmingham said the government was willing to consider a special visa for specialist maths and science teachers to stem the decline in student performance.

"If we do need to get more specialist maths and science teachers into the classroom, that’s a discussion I am very open to having," Senator Birmingham told ABC Radio.

"I hope that states and territory minister, who of course directly administer our schools systems, will actually engage in constructive conversations with me about how we can work cooperatively to address this very serious decline in Australia's real performance across these key areas," he said.

The latest report comes on the back of last week's Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) showing Australian students still middle of the pack after 20 years of testing.

The PISA results are showing that we are getting worse at preparing our students for the everyday challenges of adult life in the 21st century," Sue Thomson of Australian Council for Educational Research told AAP.

Dr Thomson says there is an issue with the teaching of maths and science in Australia.

"TIMSS has shown that and now PISA has shown it again," she said.

"Other countries are getting better than we are and we're not even just standing still in this one, we're falling behind as well."

More than half-a-million 15-year-old's complete the test worldwide, aimed at measuring how well they use their knowledge to meet real-life challenges, with more than 14,000 Australian students taking part.

The 2015 test, which focused on science, asked students about issues such as migratory bird patterns, running in hot weather and sustainable fish farming.

After sitting behind the likes of Kazakhstan and Slovenia in the TIMSS , Australia was outperformed by Finland in all three PISA areas, Vietnam in Science and Slovenia, again, in maths.

Singapore was the highest performing country across the board.

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Trial 10-year Frequent Traveller Visitor visa in China

Australian Visitor visa for China

On 12 December 2016 a trial of the new 10-year 'Frequent Traveller' Visitor visa will commence for holders of passports from the People's Republic of China who are applying from within China.

The visa will be valid for up to 10 years and will allow multiple short stays of up to three months for tourist or business visit purposes. The visa will complement existing visitor visas and will be suited to travellers from China who have known long term plans for frequent short-term travel to Australia.

Applicants will need to provide biometrics identifiers (fingerprints and photograph) at an Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC) in China before lodging an application online. Appointments for biometrics collection at an AVAC can be made through our service delivery partner's website.

The visa has been introduced as a trial and therefore numbers are limited. The visa will be available online only and has a charge of AUD1000. The visa might be extended to other passport holders in the future.


Australia introduces fast track visitor visa service for Indians

Fast track visa service for indians

According to the Australian High Commission in India, from December 5, 2016, applicants applying for Visa Subclass 600 (Visitor Visa) in both tourist and business streams will be able to opt for Priority service with an additional fee of AU1000. This, of course, applies to those who meet the full criteria. Applicants can find the full details of this subclass below.

What is the Priority Consideration (fast-track) Service?

This is a premium service for priority consideration of Subclass 600 Visitor visas (Business or Tourist Stream) which is being offered in India. For an additional priority service fee of AUD 1000 the visitor visa application will be prioritised. The majority of fast-track applications will be finalised within 48 hours of being received by the Australian High Commission.

All applicants must meet the legal requirements set out in migration legislation for the grant of a visitor visa, including health, character and security requirements.

Applicants should note there is no guarantee that the visa application will be finalised within 48 hours, and that the priority service fee is not refundable in the event of a delay – whatever the reason.

Who is eligible?

The priority service is available to Indian passport holders living in India who pay the AUD 1000 priority service fee and lodge a Subclass 600 Visitor visa application, either in the tourist or business streams, at one of the AVACs in India.

Note that the Department does not recommend this service for applicants who have known health or character issues which will require further assessment, or an adverse immigration history. The priority service fee will not be refunded if there are processing delays or if the visa application is refused.

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2016 was a time of change for Australian visa system and more expected in 2017

Australian Visa System changes in 2016

The last year has seen some major changes in visas for people travelling to Australia for work, business or tourism and more are expected in 2017.

Many of the changes have been aimed at making the application process easier and faster and also a number of visas have been streamlined to make them more efficient.

Changes have included an overhaul of the temporary activity visa framework with the creation of a new consolidated sponsor class, the removal of some sponsorship and nomination application requirements, the consolidation of many visa subclasses, and the ability to lodge applications online.

The amount of time the holder of a 457 visa, one of the most popular visas for temporary workers, has been reduced from 90 days to 60 days once a holder has stopped working for a sponsoring employer.

The number of people who can qualify as a 'member of the family unit' to apply for dependent visas has changed so that children and stepchildren over the age of 23 and family members outside of the nuclear family will not be eligible for this visa stream.

An ever growing number of nationalities will be eligible for 10 year visas for tourism and business in 2017 with a pilot for Chinese citizens expected to be expanded in 2017. They will be able to make multiple visits for up to three months at a time. But holders will not be able to stay in Australia for more than 12 months in any 24-month period and it comes with a hefty price tag of $1,000.

Certain visa holders will now be required to complete and pass a revalidation check to make sure their information is up to date, that they still meet the criteria of their visas and that they do not pose a threat to Australia.

Changes to working holiday visas mean that young people who work in certain industries such as tourism and agriculture in the north of Australia will be eligible for a second year long visa. They will have to submit proof of where they have worked.

There are also minor changes to other existing visa streams. The fee for a 400 short stay specialist visa has been increased and the period within which the applicant will be allowed to travel to Australia may be limited up to a maximum of six months.

There is now a minimum English language ability for the 407 training visa along with a genuineness test and training must be provided by the sponsor, removing the flexibility for a third party to provide training.

The 408 temporary activity visa for entertainers, researchers and staff exchange has been simplified along with a requirement for a 'support test' in lieu of sponsorship for visas for up to three months where the visa applicant is outside Australia.

There are likely to be changes to the skilled occupation list for overseas workers in the second half of 2017 with the Government awaiting the outcome of a review by the Ministerial Advisory Council on Skilled Migration.


Available Jobs in Australia

Jobs in Australia

Job2Go is a local recruitment company based in Adelaide, Queensland and Sydney, and has been providing staffing solutions and human resource services to small to large sized companies throughout Australia. We are hiring for the following positions.


An exciting opportunity had opened for an experienced Cook! Our client has been providing high quality authentic Indian food for the past 20 years. The right candidate will have excellent knowledge of dishes from all over India.

To be successful in this role, you will have:

  • Formal qualification required
  • Relevant experience as a Cook in similar position is preferred.
  • Must be able to work in a fast paced environment where you will be required to stand for extended periods of time.
  • Possess the ability to make independent decisions when circumstances warrant such action.
  • Attention to detail and be a good team player.

Office Manager

Our client has an exciting opportunity for an experienced Office Manager to join their team! This family owned business specialises in commercial printing including digital, wide format and offset printing. Proven to be very successful, they are currently undergoing major expansion therefore is in need of an Office Manager who possess high standards of organisational skills.

The successful candidate will possess:

  • Experience within a professional service firm
  • Formal qualifications required
  • Strong work ethic, highly organised and attention to detail with accountability
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to prioritise and balance several tasks and work with deadlines with demonstrated ability to work on multiple projects at one time
  • Strong administrative skills including record keeping and note taking


Specializing in all cutting styles, our client is in need of an experienced Hairdresser who is capable of providing services to all age groups. Our client’s concept is simple and clean and is ladies only cutting salon. The ideal candidate must possess the ability to cut all hair styles and be extremely confident in all aspects of hair.

The ideal candidate will possess:

  • Formal qualification required
  • Relevant experience required
  • You must be honest and reliable, positive and friendly attitude
  • Strong customer service skills
  • Dedicated to personal and professional development
  • Excellent attention to details
  • Extensive knowledge in all aspects of hair and products

Medical Administrator

To be successful in this role, you will have:

  • At least a Bachelor degree or at least 5 years’ of relevant experience.
  • An understanding of medico-legal issues and the legislative framework for public health services
  • Ability to work collaboratively with members of an inter-disciplinary team and to communicate with clinical and non-clinical staff
  • Ability to analyse and critically evaluate relevant information and apply to medical management issues
  • Well-developed written and communication skills

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