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Australian Immigration Policy to face turbulent time ahead


Immigration policy facing a turbulent time ahead in Australia


Unable to gain permanent residency in Australia, Indian citizen commits suicide


Delivering Opportunities: ANMAC Accepts TOEFL iBT® Scores


Australia seeing strong gains in international tourism


Available Jobs in Australia


Immigration policy facing a turbulent time ahead in Australia

Immigration has always been a political hot potato in Australia and is set to become even more so due to the recent election failing to result in any party getting a majority to run the country.

It means that the party with the most seats, the Liberals led by Malcolm Turnbull, has to negotiate with smaller and less popular political parties in order to govern and there is concern that they could influence key policies such as immigration.

The issue has already resulted in some tough talking, including from Pauline Hanson, the leader of the One Nation party which wants to ban Muslims from immigrating to Australia.

One Nation wants immigration levels limited to the number of people moving out of the country so that for every person that leaves, one person can come in, and also wants all new citizens to pass an English test and not be granted social security for five years.

Under the Islam policy section of its website, One Nation has called for a halt to Muslims moving to Australia, including refugees. The party also wants temporary protection visas reduced from three years to two years and all refugees to undergo a health check.

On top of this Bob Katter, an independent MP, told a media conference that he believes that immigration should be limited. But he also called for the migration debate to be 'deracialised' and instead it should be looked at from a purely economic point of view.

'The government has been bringing 620,000 people into Australia each year, into an economy that's only got 200,000 jobs and over 200,000 school leavers,' he said, adding that he believes that half a million people are forced into unemployment benefit each year as a result of the current immigration policy.

'The issue is you are bringing in mass numbers that the country can't possibly absorb. I am saying a reduction of all immigration to Australia to virtually nil, except for those people who are persecuted minority groups. And clearly, they are, and I name them again, the Sikhs, the Jews, and the Christians, Christians in the Middle East,' he added.

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Unable to gain permanent residency in Australia, Indian citizen commits suicide

New warning issued over migration scams

An Indian citizen living in Melbourne's Sunshine, Deepak Singh committed suicide on Sunday.

Deepak arrived in Australia as an international student in 2008 from Amritsar, Punjab to pursue a diploma in community welfare. His aim was to settle down in Australia after finishing his course.

However, a change in Skilled Occupations List during his course time rendered him ineligible for permanent residency.

Deepak was assured by education agent in India that studying in Australia would become an easy pathway to permanent residency in Australia.

After finishing his studies, Singh got married to an older Australian woman and was living on a temporary visa in Australia.

Singh had applied for permanent residency on the basis of being married to an Australian citizen but the Immigration Department denied him permanent residency and put his visa on hold.

He was afraid that he would be deported. He was under acute stress as he thought after spending years in Australia, he couldn't go back to India or continue to stay in Australia.

There have been several such visa cases where desperation to gain Australia's permanent residency has led people to compromise, take an illegal path to gain residency or to end their lives.

It's disheartening. Some education agents do not present an accurate picture. The students who come to Australia with an aim to settle down here, do their own homework instead of falling into traps later on.


Delivering Opportunities: ANMAC Accepts TOEFL iBT® Scores

Queensland couple fight for visa

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC) now accepts TOEFL iBT® scores to fulfill their English language proficiency requirement for skilled migration.

This is welcome news for nurses and midwives seeking to fill the more than 17,000 places available to skilled migrants in those fields, based on the 2016-17 occupation ceilings released by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

ANMAC introduced the changes, including the TOEFL iBT score requirements, following the Council’s review of the English language proficiency standard. The changes became effective 1 July 2016.

To meet the requirement, applicants must achieve a minimum total score of 94 on the TOEFL iBT test and the following minimum scores in each section:

  • Listening - 24
  • Reading - 24
  • Speaking - 23
  • Writing - 27

Qualified nurses and midwives can register to take the test at any of thousands of TOEFL iBT test centres worldwide. More information about registration and test center locations can be found at

ANMAC is the latest in a growing list of professional bodies that recognise TOEFL iBT scores for initial registration that includes:

  • Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
  • CPA Australia
  • Institute of Public Accountants
  • Engineers Australia
  • Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
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Australia seeing strong gains in international tourism

Australia gains in tourism

Strong gains in international tourism will help Australia continue to attain its Tourism 2020 growth target of $115 billion per year for overnight visitor expenditure by the end of the decade.

According to Tourism Research Australia's (TRA) Tourism Forecasts 2016 total overnight spend is now forecast to reach $127 billion by the year 2020.

'With international and domestic tourism spending being forecast upwards, the progress we;re making towards the Tourism 2020 targets is clearly accelerating,' said Tourism Australia managing director John O'Sullivan.

'With visitor numbers and spending at record levels, there's a lot of optimism around the industry, which seems to be borne out in this latest forecast,' he added.

However, more work will need to be done if Australia is to reach the upper bound of its tourism industry potential of $140 billion per year by 2020.

With international visitors set to increase their share of spend from 31% of total spend in 2014/2015 to 41% in 2024/2025, and domestic overnight visitor spend continuing to grow, but at a moderate pace, total overnight expenditure is forecast to reach $127 billion in nominal terms by 2019/2020.

According to the forecasts Australia’s largest inbound source market is set to change, with strong visitor growth seeing China overtake New Zealand in 2017/2018, some two years earlier than previously forecast.


Available Jobs in Australia

Jobs in Australia

Job2Go is a local recruitment company based in Adelaide, Queensland and Sydney, and has been providing staffing solutions and human resource services to small to large sized companies throughout Australia. We are hiring for the following positions.

Registered Pharmacist

We have a fantastic opportunity for a APHRA Registered Pharmacist to join our team at Bundaberg and Gladstone, QLD. Pharmacists applying need to have a positive attitude and are result-oriented. Flexibility to work weekends and public holidays on a rotating roster will also be a requirement of the role. Forward dispensing and counselling customers will also be a major part as well as assisting in the shop area. Must be willing to relocate.

Sous Chef

Qualified Sous chef needed in Brisbane region

  • Chefs must have at least a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery (or equivalent Chef trade qualifications)
  • Must have previous experience
  • Worked in a high-pressure environment
  • Someone who is goal oriented


Qualified Cooks/Chefs for North Qld.

  • Willing to relocate is a must.
  • Excellent wages and conditions.
  • Immediate start for the right candidates.
  • Sponsorship available.

Tyre Fitter

Our client has an opportunity in the Brisbane region for a tyre fitter to commence immediately.

  • Previous tyre fitting experience required (passenger & truck)
  • Must have a driver's licence
  • Be prepared to assist with other duties
  • Visa sponsorship may be available
  • Attractive salary

Contact Job2Go on 1300 562246. If you are interested in any of these positions, please send your resume to

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