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Skilled occupation list for 2017


Accountants can use TOEFL iBT® scores to meet professional bodies' English requirements


Fact check: Are there 'over a million 457s' in Australia?


Foreign workers in Australia could get more protection from wage fraud


South Australia could become more of a magnet for skilled overseas workers


Why Migration Agents Are Essential


Available Jobs in Australia


Accountants can use TOEFL iBT® scores to meet professional bodies' English requirements

Accounting professionals who wish to achieve a positive migration assessment will need to meet the English proficiency requirements set by the professional accounting bodies for the general skills assessment.

There are 3 professional accounting bodies in Australia that assess qualifications and experience for applicants:

  • CPA Australia
  • Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ)
  • Institute of Public Accountants (IPA)

All 3 organisations accept TOEFL iBT® scores to meet the requirements for their general skills assessment.

The required minimum total score is 94, with the following minimum scores across the four sections:

  • Listening 24
  • Reading 24
  • Writing 27
  • Speaking 23

Unlike the Department of Immigration and Border Protection these bodies offer no exemptions to demonstrating your English language proficiency.

Applicants can register to take the TOEFL iBT test at secure test centres in major cities across Australia, including Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. Other English language tests are also accepted by these bodies.

For more information about the TOEFL iBT test and how to register, visit

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Fact check: Are there 'over a million 457s' in Australia?

457 visa number check

The claim

Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie has singled out the number of 457 visas as a reason for what she sees as a lack of employment opportunity in Australia.

"We have over a million 457s out there, and that's another reason why we don't have jobs here," Senator Lambie told ABC TV's Q&A on May 30, 2016.

Are there over a million people with 457 visas "out there" as Senator Lambie suggests? ABC Fact Check runs the numbers.

The verdict

Senator Lambie is wrong.

This fact check is based on research from a previous fact check regarding the number of 457 visas. It has been updated with new government data.

Department of Immigration statistics show that the number of people who have been granted 457 visas (primary and secondary) which would still be valid as at the date of the last publicly available information - March 31, 2016 - was 415,103.

The number of people who were actually using the visas in Australia on that date was 177,390.

The source of the claim

The 457 visa was introduced under the Howard Coalition government in 1996 to enable employers to address labour shortages by bringing in genuinely skilled overseas workers where they cannot find appropriately skilled Australians.

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Fact Check asked Senator Lambie's office for the basis for her claim, and was supplied with a document from the Department of Immigration, which contained a table with breakdowns of the numbers of temporary entrants, including the 457 visa subclass, as well as others such as temporary graduates (subclass 485) and New Zealand visa holders (subclass 444).

A spokesman for Senator Lambie's office told Fact Check that Senator Lambie was using "the term 457 visa in its broadest or commonly known term".

The numbers

The Department of Immigration releases quarterly statistics on the number of 457 visa holders in Australia at the end of each quarter.

At the end of the most recent quarter, March 2016, there were 97,766 primary 457 visa holders and 79,624 secondary visa holders - a total of 177,390.

The department also releases quarterly statistics on the number of 457 visas that have been granted during that quarter.

For the June quarter of 2011-12, 31,327 primary and secondary visas were granted.

For the full financial year of 2012-13, the number of primary and secondary visas granted was 126,348, in 2013-14 it was 98,571 and in 2014-15 it was 96,084.

For the nine months to March 2016, 62,773 primary and secondary visas were granted.

This represents a total of 415,103 primary and secondary visas granted - far from the "over a million" which Senator Lambie asserted was correct.



Foreign workers in Australia could get more protection from wage fraud

Foreign worker wage protection

It has recently been revealed that foreign workers have become increasingly subject to wage fraud in Australia where employers exploit their position to pay less than the going rate.

Now with a general election set for next month the Coalition has promised to crack down further on such exploitation and any underpayment of workers, thus giving workers on short term visas more protection.

Concerns have been voiced that overseas workers, including students and backpackers who work part time, can end up being paid less than the minimum wage.

This came to light in a recent scandal involving the franchise chain of convenience stores 7-Eleven with a widespread wage fraud uncovered including a systemic underpayment of workers.

The Fair Work Ombudsman has taken eight 7-Eleven franchisees to court since 2009 and one store has been given a record $214,200 fine for the underpayment of two overseas employees and falsifying records.

Now Employment Minister Michaelia Cash has released a new set of policies, sending a warning to employers that intentionally exploit workers.

"We will strengthen existing workplace laws to ensure better protections for workers and to stamp out exploitation by unscrupulous employers. The Coalition’s focus on jobs and growth will be complemented by increased safeguards for vulnerable workers who have been let down in recent times as a result of blatant non-compliance with workplace laws by employers across a number of industries and in many cases, multinational corporations who ignore their obligations under Australian laws," said Cash.

If it is re-elected the Government has promised stronger protections for vulnerable workers will be delivered by increasing the penalties that apply to employers who underpay workers and who fail to keep proper employment records. A new higher penalty category of "serious contraventions" will be introduced, and will apply to any employer that has intentionally ripped off workers, regardless of the employer's size.

Some $20 million funding will be used to increase for the capabilities and workforce of the Fair Work Ombudsman and its powers strengthened so that it can more effectively deal with employers who intentionally exploit workers by compelling them to produce information and answer questions.

There will also be a new Migrant Workers Taskforce in the Fair Work Ombudsman that will target employers who exploit migrant workers and stronger and more effective laws to help prevent a recurrence of the shocking stories of exploitation that have recently surfaced.

"The widespread non-compliance within the 7-Eleven chain is perhaps the most well-known example, however unfortunately is by no means the only one," Cash explained.


South Australia could become more of a magnet for skilled overseas workers

south australia

The state of South Australia could become the place to move to in the country if new plans come to fruition to increase investment and create new jobs, it is claimed.

South Australia is not always the most obvious place for people to move to. The state's capital Adelaide has a population of just 1.6 million and international skilled professionals tend to move to bigger cities like Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

But now in the run up to the Australian General Election in July the current Coalition Government said it will do more to boost the state to attract people not just from other parts of Australia but from around the world.

It has pledge to create 1,200 new scholarships for undergraduate, postgraduate and vocational educational students to undertake studies in South Australia and this will be matched by employers offering internships that bring real world experience to their studies and provide links to real jobs after studies are completed.

The South Australian Enterprise Scholarship Programme is seen as a chance to South Australia and the country as a whole has the people and skills to deliver and make the most of Australia's defence industry plan which will see new jobs generated in new industries.

More than 15,000 new jobs have been created in South Australia since the Coalition came to Government, with more than 7,000 jobs created in 2016 and this number is set to grow in industries such as advanced manufacturing and naval ship building.

Each state in Australia publishes a list of occupations where there are shortages and are therefore eligible for visa sponsorship to attract suitably skilled and qualified workers from overseas. It is due to be updated on 04 July this year.

The South Australian government supports skilled workers from overseas through Immigration SA and it has joined with Specialist Migrant Services (SMS) to support skilled workers who bring valuable knowledge, skills and experience to the state.

Services provided by SMS include employment seminars, individualised job search support, overseas qualification assessments and assistance with trade recognition pathways.

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Why Migration Agents Are Essential

Why migration agents essential

Do Registered Migration Agents really add value to the process of preparing a visa application?

Are they really worth the extra cost?

Since most visa applications are now made over the Internet, do you really need a migration professional to complete the application for you?

For potential visa applicants who are considering whether to use an RMA and who are not involved in the migration process day-in and day-out, it is important to appreciate just how useful an RMA can be.

Based on the recent post on the Migration Blog on the Department's Website, applicants may get the impression that applying for a student visa is as easy as 1-2-3.

Just copy your passport, your Confirmation of Enrolment and your overseas student health cover, and off you go!

Well, if you check the case reports from the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and the Federal courts, you will realize that it isn't as simple and uncontroversial as this post from the Department may lead you to believe.

The fact of the matter is that the Department refuses many, many visa applications of all kinds, including many applications for student visas.

Unlike RMAs, the Department is not concerned with protecting the best interests of visa applicants, or doing its utmost to make sure that a visa application is successful. The Department does not have a professional duty of loyalty and care to visa applicants and at the most, it is "neutral" towards applications. It certainly is not mindful of each applicant's personal circumstances, or why it is important to an applicant's future to secure or retain the legal right through a visa to remain in Australia.

And there are so many possible traps and pitfalls for the unwary that there is great risk in just "doing it yourself"!

Let's just take the example of "seemingly simple" visas, applications for student visas.

A very large number of these applications get refused every year.

And that happens even when an applicant is already onshore in Australia, and has already obtained a first student visa!

Among other reasons, the Department might refuse a student visa application because it is not satisfied that the applicant is a genuine student who intends to stay in Australia only temporarily for the purposes of study, or that the applicant has not provided sufficient or proper evidence of their capacity to pay tuition and living costs.

And applicants for student visas who have for whatever reason not applied for a new student visa within 28 days of the explanation of their original visa may find themselves having to figure out how to satisfy the confusing requirements of the dreaded "Schedule 3".

And even worse is that if you apply for a visa while onshore and are refused, you may very well be barred from applying onshore for another visa (under section 48 of the Migration Act).

Contrary to "popular myth", if your original student visa has expired and a further visa application has been refused, you simply can't just submit another student visa application from onshore!!!

So really, despite what the Department might suggest, there really are genuine risks to a DIY visa application.

After all, your future in Australia is at stake.

Not to mention the cost of the visa application, which will be lost if the Department refuses the visa.

And there is also the peace of mind that comes with using an RMA who knows the migration laws back to front. You can have confidence that your application will be prepared and supported in the best way possible, that it is "decision-ready" and put together in a way that will make it easy for Departmental officers to conduct their reviews and to see that the criteria for granting the visa have been satisfied.

So there's no doubt about it: an RMA can add tremendous value to the process of advising and assisting anyone who wants to get an Australian visa.


Available Jobs in Australia

Jobs in Australia

Job2Go is a local recruitment company based in Adelaide, Queensland and Sydney, and has been providing staffing solutions and human resource services to small to large sized companies throughout Australia. We are hiring for the following positions.

Registered Pharmacist

We have a fantastic opportunity for a APHRA Registered Pharmacist to join our team at Bundaberg and Gladstone, QLD. Pharmacists applying need to have a positive attitude and are result-oriented. Flexibility to work weekends and public holidays on a rotating roster will also be a requirement of the role. Forward dispensing and counselling customers will also be a major part as well as assisting in the shop area. Must be willing to relocate.

Sous Chef

Qualified Sous chef needed in Brisbane region

  • Chefs must have at least a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery (or equivalent Chef trade qualifications)
  • Must have previous experience
  • Worked in a high-pressure environment
  • Someone who is goal oriented


Qualified Cooks/Chefs for North Qld.

  • Willing to relocate is a must.
  • Excellent wages and conditions.
  • Immediate start for the right candidates.
  • Sponsorship available.

Tyre Fitter

Our client has an opportunity in the Brisbane region for a tyre fitter to commence immediately.

  • Previous tyre fitting experience required (passenger & truck)
  • Must have a driver's licence
  • Be prepared to assist with other duties
  • Visa sponsorship may be available
  • Attractive salary

Contact Job2Go on 1300 562246. If you are interested in any of these positions, please send your resume to

Alternatively you can check our website for further details


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