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Skilled occupation list for 2017


The new Australian Skilled Occupations List released for 2017


Guardian visas for Australia have conditions attached


Australia announces next step in visa security programme


Overseas seasonal workers pilot programme introduced in Northern Australia


Artist uses Indian salesman from a century ago to highlight what makes an Aussie


Available Jobs in Australia


The new Australian Skilled Occupations List released for 2017

The Australian government has released its new skilled occupation list for the coming 12 months which is dominated by trades and IT professions as well as nursing.

The Skilled Occupation List and Consolidated Skilled Occupation list for the year 2016/2017 becomes effective from 01 July and basically lists occupations for which visas will be available.

The list identifies occupations that would benefit from skilled migration for the purpose of meeting the medium to long term skill needs of the Australian economy.

For the coming 12 months the occupations most in need include motor mechanics, bricklayers, carpenters, painters, chefs, accountants, IT system analysts, developers, programmers, software engineers and programme analysts.

There is also a demand for electrical engineers and mechanical engineers and in the health section for nurses and midwives as well as surgeons and psychiatrists.

The suitability of occupations for inclusion on the SOL is assessed through a two- step process. The first step involves identifying occupations that are most susceptible to supply constraints due to the time taken to develop necessary skills and due to the cost of a shortage or the likely impact of supply side policies.

The second step involves assessing the medium to long term skill needs of the economy for each occupation identified in step one, to determine if the occupation would benefit from independent skilled migration.

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Guardian visas for Australia have conditions attached

Australian guardian visa with conditions

Foreign citizens in Australia to look after youngsters under the age of 18 are being reminded that they must tell officials of any changes to their circumstances.

People with a Guardian visa (subclass 580) have certain conditions attached to their visa to ensure the nominated student has appropriate welfare arrangements in place at all times as they are under the age of 18.

They can enter and leave Australia during the term of the visa, but cannot leave Australia without the nominating student unless alternative welfare arrangements are made.

According to the guidance from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) if a guardian visa holder needs to leave Australia without the nominating student they must provide evidence of e.g. the fact that there are compassionate or compelling reasons for doing so and that suitable alternative arrangements for the accommodation, general welfare and support of the student is available until the holder's return.

"All alternative welfare arrangements must be approved by us and the student's education provider. You should discuss your circumstances with the education provider as soon as you become aware you may need to travel," said a DIBP spokesman.

He explained that there are two ways people can make alternative welfare arrangements. They can nominate an alternative student guardian who must be, except in limited circumstances, a parent or relative aged 21 years or over.

Or the student's education provider can take responsibility for their welfare by issuing a Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW) letter which will state the start and end dates for approval of welfare arrangements.


Australia announces next step in visa security programme

Australian new visa security programme

Visa applicants will come under greater scrutiny in Australia with the announcement of a new risk assessment system to weed out risky visa applications.

The new visa risk assessment capability will be created inside in the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) with more details being readily available to officials.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said that it will consolidate immigration and border data, - enabling officials to more easily identify security risks before they grant visas.

"Decision makers will not have to go searching for the information. It will become an integral part of their processing system," he explained.

Although the data will be available for every applicant Dutton said that it is designed to help weed out criminals and terrorists before they reach Australia's borders and most people would be unaffected.

It means that those assessing visa applications will have access to databases from the Australian Crime Commission and the Australian Federal Police to identify those of interest at the visa application stage.

Currently the traditional risk assessment is limited to indicators that an individual plans to overstay their visa or work without clearance.

"Decision makers need to have the tools to take a closer look at a traveller's broader criminal and security risks. They need to know much more about visa applicants and whether they pose a threat to the community," Dutton added.

He also pointed out that the new system fits with the forthcoming shared facial recognition platform and smart gates at international airports as part of an overall package to tackle identity fraud and better assess risks.

All of this means that people's details will be cross matched in a way never before seen in Australia with data and facial images cross checked between agencies involving information from passports, visas and even driving licences.


Overseas seasonal workers pilot programme introduced in Northern Australia

overseas seasonal workers pilot programme

Australian tourism businesses across Northern Australia will now be able to employ seasonal workers from abroad to help fill seasonal labour shortages.

Employment Minister Michaelia Cash said the pilot scheme will help boost the sector and unlock the potential of the vast area.

Indeed, Tourism minister Richard Colbeck pointed that the industry plays a crucial role in contributing to the Northern Australian economy, with tourism workers often needed outside of standard business hours in the peak season.

The tourism pilot was developed in close consultation with peak industry organisations and provides a range of opportunities in jobs not currently available to seasonal workers under the programme.

A full list of jobs seasonal workers can be employed in under the tourism pilot can be found at the government's employment website and initially it will be limited to people from nine Pacific Island countries and Timor-Leste.

Colbeck explained that the tourism pilot will help businesses in the tourism industry overcome seasonal labour shortages, providing an alternative source of reliable workers for employers who cannot find enough Australians to do the job.

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Artist uses Indian salesman from a century ago to highlight what makes an Aussie

What makes an aussie

An artist is currently travelling across Australia sticking up thousands of posters featuring the faces of Australians from different origins and generations to highlight the issue of immigration.

They include Monga Khan who was one of thousands of people who applied for exemptions to the White Australia Policy a century ago. He was born in India but arrived in Australia as a travelling salesman hawking goods between towns.

Cameleers, Hawkers and other traders were granted exemptions because their work was essential to Australian's growing economy.

"For 70 years these people played a crucial role and I'd like to celebrate their contribution to Australia," said artist Peter Drew from Adelaide who believes that people should appreciate the contribution immigrants make now and in the past.

The faces featured on his posters are said to not look like ‘Australians’ and the artwork includes the word AUSSIE across the bottom to remind people that Australians come from all kinds of places.

He wants people to see the posters and think more about Australia's real identity. In particular he wants to reach out to people who may think that there are too many immigrants in the country.

"These people are not bigots, they are people who have forgotten our strength," he explained. "I was in Perth and a guy said that Khan was the least looking Aussie he had ever seen. I told him that was the point," he added.

He has been amazed by the support he has received for his campaign from members of the public. Some have contributed to the cost of his flights, others have offered him lifts to and from prominent locations.

He has been particularly angered by an off the cuff remark recently from Immigration Minister Peter Dutton that refugees are illiterate and believes that asylum seekers should be seen as a strength.

Immigration is set to be a major issue in the upcoming general election in Australia as the debate about boat people and the policy of turning them back and not allowing them ashore continues.


Available Jobs in Australia

Jobs in Australia

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Registered Pharmacist

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Sous Chef

Qualified Sous chef needed in Brisbane region

  • Chefs must have at least a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery (or equivalent Chef trade qualifications)
  • Must have previous experience
  • Worked in a high-pressure environment
  • Someone who is goal oriented


Qualified Cooks/Chefs for North Qld.

  • Willing to relocate is a must.
  • Excellent wages and conditions.
  • Immediate start for the right candidates.
  • Sponsorship available.

Tyre Fitter

Our client has an opportunity in the Brisbane region for a tyre fitter to commence immediately.

  • Previous tyre fitting experience required (passenger & truck)
  • Must have a driver's licence
  • Be prepared to assist with other duties
  • Visa sponsorship may be available
  • Attractive salary

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