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Education Broker jailed for visa fraud


Education broker jailed for visa fraud


Hundreds of take-away businesses investigated and ordered to backpay workers over half-million dollars


Million dollar startup entrepreneur deported for not picking fruit


Partner visa sponsors to face greater scrutiny under proposed changes


Melbourne becomes Australia’s fastest growing capital city 1


Available Jobs in Australia


Education broker jailed for visa fraud

In a case that may just be the tip of the iceberg in immigration fraud by education brokers, a court in China has sentenced a man to three years’ jail for facilitating illegal immigration to Australia, according to a report in The Australian Financial Review.

The man, identified only as Mr Li worked with this sister Ms Olive Li, a director of Sydney-based New Field International Education Group in fabricating documents required for an Australian student visa for at least 2 applicants who are now Australian permanent residents.

According to the report after the fraudulent application was lodged, Ms Li posed as the applicants during the mandatory telephone interview with Australian immigration officials as the applicants could not speak English. She then coached the applicants on how to deal with queries at the airport, found them accommodation and jobs.

The Chinese courts heard that the Li’s charged them $10,000 to facilitate their fraudulent passage to Australian permanent residency. to permenant residency or to their student visas?

New Field International Education Group has reportedly been operating for some seven years. The court has heard that at the time of Mr Li’s arrest the pair were working on at least three other applications.

Last year, the ABC’s Four-Corners program revealed that Australian universities were paying an estimated $250 million each year to unregulated education brokers for the recruitment of international students despite widespread acknowledgement that a number of these brokers are corrupt and deal in fraudulent documents.

There are some 645,000 foreign students in Australia now, with almost a third from China. Last year, a review by the Australian National Audit office found ‘extensive shortcomings’ in the department of immigration’s oversight of visa compliance.

“There are weaknesses in almost all aspects of the Department’s arrangements for managing visa holders’ compliance with their visa conditions,” stated the report. DIBP told the AFR that it would be looking into the Li matter and will provide a response later this week.


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Hundreds of take-away businesses investigated and ordered to backpay workers over a half-million dollars

Australian Takeaway businesses targeted for underpay

The Fair Work Ombudsman has targeted take-away food businesses across Australia and ordered a total of 565 employers to supply time and wages records for assessment.

As a result of the investigations a total of 223 businesses were found to have short-changed 929 employees a total of $582,410, Acting Fair Work Ombudsman Michael Campbell announced earlier this week.

The investigations found that two out of three businesses were not fully compliant with all payslip and record-keeping obligations and close to half of them were not paying their employees correctly.

Mr Campbell says the results highlight the need for behavioural change and signalled that the hospitality sector would remain a “priority” industry earmarked for ongoing education and support.

The hospitality sector was targeted for attention over three years from 2012-15 in response to more than 4500 requests for assistance from employees in 2010-11, a high volume of calls to the Fair Work Infoline and a number of litigations against hospitality businesses for breaches of workplace laws.

The Fair Work Ombudsman’s 2014-15 annual report reveals that hospitality continues to generate high numbers of calls to the Fair Work Infoline and accommodation and food services accounts for the highest number of requests for assistance from employees.

Mr Campbell says the most common wage error identified was the underpayment of minimum hourly rates.

A number of businesses were also inadvertently paying their staff under the Restaurant Industry Award instead of the Fast Food Industry Award because the business provided both take-away and dine-in services.

The report noted that workers at take-away food businesses are largely young workers or people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds who needed to be protected. The Ombudsman says it aims to continue monitoring the sector closely.


Million dollar startup entrepreneur deported for not picking fruit

Million dollar entrepreneur deported from Australia

Chris Bailey, co-founder of Disrupt, has been deported because the Department of Immigration has found that he did not complete three months of fruit picking as part of the requirement to get an extension on a working holiday visa, according to a report in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Disrupt, which started-up in Bondi, offers customers the ability to design their own surfboards using 3D printing technology. The company reportedly has a turnover of over $1 million a year. The deportation of Chris Bailey who was arrested last week after returning to Australia from the USA, where he was trying to establish an American office and manufacturing partnerships, has put the company's future in Australia at stake.

Bailey’s Disrupt co-founder Gary Elphick wrote about his partner’s deportation on LinkedIn earlier in the week: “When our CEO arrived back to Sydney he was pulled aside by Border Force, subsequently held in a detention centre/prison for two days before being deported to the UK, leaving his car, house, family, and most importantly our company here in Sydney.”

Elphick also raised problems around current immigration policy when it comes to small companies and the ideas boom.

“Whilst I have my own personal pain, I’m more concerned about the long-term negative impact immigration has and will have on the Australian tech scene with other companies facing similar challenges: How can they bring in highly skilled individuals from countries with more developed tech eco-systems to work in Australian start-ups?” Elphick wrote.

A "gutted" Mr Elphick said he would consider shifting Disrupt's headquarters to the US.

DIBP has made no comment on the matter, so far.



Partner visa sponsors to face greater scrutiny under proposed changes

Australian Partner Visa Sponsor with domestic violence

Anyone with a history of family or domestic violence may be banned from becoming a sponsor in a partner visa application under legislative amendments being considered by parliament.

Currently, sponsors face little scrutiny in the application process and do not require police clearances unless there are children under the age of 18 involved in the application. The Migration Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) Bill, introduced in the March parliamentary sitting, however is seeking to screen Australians with a history of family or domestic violence from sponsoring a partner visa.

"We have, in relation to domestic violence, a very strong position as a government and that is we are not going to facilitate these arrangements where we think there is a reasonable risk that there may be violence in the relationship,” explained Immigration Minister Mr Peter Dutton.

In summary, the Bill aims to do the following:

  • Require a separate sponsorship assessment process;
  • Require that a person is approved as a sponsor before a visa application is made;
  • Impose statutory obligations with real consequences on approved sponsors; and
  • Improve the management of family violence in the delivery of the program by allowing the refusal, cancellation, or barring of a sponsorship application where inappropriate use of the program is detected.

According to a report on the ABC, Department of Immigration statistics show several hundred people on partner visas seek help for domestic violence issues, but it does not keep statistics on people on other visas.

At any one time, up to half of the emergency accommodation being provided to victims of domestic violence are women on visas. In a foreign culture and unfamiliar legal framework, victims can be too scared to report the abuse for fear they will be deported. The average processing time for a partner visa application lodged in Australia is currently 15 months. ABC

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Melbourne becomes Australia’s fastest growing capital city

Melbourne the fastest growing capital city of Australia

Melbourne is officially Australia’s fastest growing capital city, with the latest data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) showing its population is up by 2.1%.

This figure for 2014/2015 is down slightly from the 2.2% recorded in the previous 12 month period but still higher than the next fastest growing capital Darwin where the population increased by 1.9%.

Perth, which has been one of the fastest growing capital cities since the mid-2000s, grew by 1.6%, down from 1.9% the previous year and now sits equal fourth with Brisbane, behind Sydney where the population grew by 1.7%.

The data report suggests that Sydney is well on target to becoming the first Australian capital city to reach five million people, growing by 83,300 in 2014/2015 to hit 4.92 million.

Brisbane’s population may be increasing at its slowest rate for over a decade, but Queensland has some of the largest growing regional areas in the country. While the population increased by 1.6% in Brisbane, in the rest of Queensland it was up by 1%, the fastest growth rate of all rest of state regions, ahead of rest of New South Wales at 0.8% and Victoria at 0.6%.

Hobart is the only Australian capital city to record an increasing rate of population growth in each of the past three years, the data also shows. Although growing at the slowest rate of all capital cities at 0.8%, Hobart’s growth rate has been steadily increasing since 2012/2013, and is up from 0.6% in 2013/2014.

Overall the fastest growing areas in each state and territory were Cobbitty – Leppington in New South Wales, Cranbourne East in Victoria, Pimpama in Queensland, Munno Para West – Angle Vale in South Australia, North Coogee in Western Australia, Rokeby in Tasmania, Palmerston – South in the Northern Territory, and South West Canberra in Australian Capital Territory.


Available Jobs in Australia

Jobs in Australia

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