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Major changes to Australian 457 visa


Major changes to sc457 programme brewing


Why Use a Migration Agent?


Controversial backpacker tax in Australia to be reviewed


New Zealanders tour Australia to protest visa rules


Majority of students are satisfied with their learning experience in Australia


Available Jobs in Australia


Major changes to sc457 programme brewing

Companies hiring skilled foreign workers should be forced to hire Australians alongside them and invest in training, according to a Senate committee report.

The report comes after revelations in 2015 of widespread underpayment of foreign workers in 7-Eleven franchises, and exploitation of tourists on working holiday visas on farms by labour hire contractors.

It recommended Australian employers who hire professional foreign workers on subclass 457 visas “be required to also employ an Australian tertiary graduate in the same enterprise on a one-for-one basis”.

Companies hiring skilled trades workers on 457s should be required to demonstrate that 25% of their trades workers are apprentices.

The proposals represent a tightening of rules for employer sponsors, which currently need only to look for workers in Australia and certify a foreign worker has a trade or skill in shortage.

Companies should be charged a $4,000 levy for every 457 visa worker, which should be paid into existing government programs to pay for training and apprenticeships in sectors with labour shortages.

This should be monitored to prevent employers foisting the cost of the levy onto visa holders, it said.

The committee said replacement of local workers by 457 visa workers should be specifically prohibited.

The Senate committee said the Fair Work Ombudsman and Immigration Department should agree that identities of migrant workers who report exploitation to the ombudsman be protected rather than passed on to immigration authorities.

The committee recommended legislative changes so that foreign workers who breach their visa conditions will not automatically have their contracts declared void, a loophole that can allow employers to underpay them.

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Why Use a Migration Agent?

Why use a mgration agent

Are you thinking of applying for a visa for employment, residence or study in another country where the language spoken is different from your own language? Are you confused by the visa requirements and worried about whether you are doing the right thing and whether your application could be rejected because you have made a mistake?

For worry free migration applications the best suggestion is to use a migration agent. These professionals know the own immigration rules inside out and understand what you need to provide to support a visa application. Using a registered and approved migration agent means you can relax and let all the responsibility for presenting your visa application lie with the agent rather than spend hours trying to do it yourself and potentially making a life changing error.

One of the advantages of using a migration agent is that they can provide you with a reasonable idea whether your visa application is likely to be successful. Most immigration authorities these days demand that you pay a fee for a visa application. This is usually not returnable, so if your application is refused for some reason, then you not only have wasted your time, but you also lose your money. A migration agent will prevent these sorts of errors from occurring.

Filling in the actual visa application form or forms can be a nightmare if you try to do it yourself, especially if your knowledge of the language used in the form is not perfect. Your chosen agent will make sure that you make no mistakes and that everything that the authorities want to see included on the form is completed satisfactorily.

The migration agent will also make sure that every document you need to provide is made available, that it is up to date and is legible, give it to a professional translation services agency for certified translation if that is necessary and then send the package off to the authority responsible for approving your visa.

One of the worst things about visa applications is knowing when an application is going to be approved. You can wait for ages without any communication from the immigration authorities and this can be a very stressful experience. This is when a migration agent can take all the stress out of the application process by liaising with the department responsible and letting you know exactly what is going on and whether there any problems that need to be rectified.

To conclude, if you are confident in of applying for a visa for migration by yourself and have done this before and speak the language of the country you are applying to well, then by all means do it by yourself. However, if you have any doubts about your ability to communicate and if the visa application means a lot to you, use a migration agent.


Controversial backpacker tax in Australia to be reviewed

BAckpacker tax in Australia Review

Plans to make international backpackers in Australia pay tax on their earnings looks likely to be scrapped after a campaign from tourism and agriculture industries raised concerns.

The tax on people in Australia on working holiday maker visas who can work during their stay in the country was to be introduced in July is now being reviewed and it is expected to be scrapped.

Tourism chiefs had warned that the plan to take backpacker out of the tax free threshold could result in a serious drop in the number of backpackers which would then hit many industries that rely on them for short term work.

Backpackers have long been encouraged to work in Australia on working holiday visas which allow them to stay for a second year if they work for three months in rural areas.

The new tax would have required travellers on working holiday visas to pay 32.5% on every dollar earned, when they previously paid no tax on income up to $18,000 (£9,500).

Tourism Minister Richard Colbeck said that he has taken the concerns on board. “Working Holiday Makers are vital for two of our key super growth sectors for the next decade, agriculture and tourism. Concerns have been raised about the impact of the 2015 budget measure on tax arrangements for working holiday makers, particularly our global competitiveness as a backpacker destination,” he explained.

“We have therefore decided that the proposed tax arrangements require further discussions to ensure Australia does not lose market share in backpacker visitation. The key issue is to ensure we have a balanced and equitable approach to the tax status for workers in Australia on visas,” he added.

Those against the tax pointed out that in the tourism industry alone, Australia is facing a shortage of 127,000 workers in the next five years. Over 90% of workers in the tourism industry are Australian but the industry relies on workers from overseas for the remainder.

A further 40,000 working holiday makers annually contribute to the prosperity of the broader agricultural sector, including the horticulture and general agriculture sectors.

The move was backed by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry which has taken a lead in explaining the consequences of the planned tax which it described as “ill-conceived”.


New Zealanders tour Australia to protest visa rules

Newszealanders tour australia to protest visa rules

A group of New Zealanders, including an MP, is touring Australia to protest the cancellations of Kiwi visas under that country's tough immigration rules.

The Route 501 Hikoi, named after the section in the Migration Act, say they are visiting Australian cities to talk about the human rights issues surrounding the controversial clause.

Labour MP Kelvin Davis, the party's corrections spokesman, will be on board for the first few days of the tour, which began in Sydney on Thursday.

The group will visit all of Australia's major cities before flying to New Zealand to have meetings in Auckland and Wellington.

Visa cancellations are mandatory for anyone who is sentenced to 12 months or more imprisonment in Australia or have been convicted of any sexually-based crime against children.

The Ministry of Immigration and Border Protection can also cancel visas based on a character test.

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Majority of students are satisfied with their learning experience in Australia

International students in australia satisfied

Australia is a popular country for international students and now research shows that its universities score highly when it comes to teaching quality, learning resources and skills development.

The annual Student Experience National Report survey, which began in 2011, shows that 80% of students expressed satisfaction with the quality of their entire learning experience.

Over the last decade enrolments have increased almost 50% and during this time the number of students withdrawing hasn’t increased with the loss steady at 15%.

The results highlight that Australia’s education sector continues to deliver world class education to an increasing number of students from Australia and internationally, however international students who are not native English speakers may struggle more.

Indeed, students who spoke English as their main language at home were more likely than those from a non-English speaking background to be satisfied with every aspect of their educational experience. A similar pattern is observed in relation to domestic students, who were more likely than international students to be satisfied with every aspect of their educational experience.

A breakdown of the figures shows that overall student satisfaction with different aspects of their student experience ranged from 86% for learning resources, down to 60% for learner engagement.

Some 82% indicated satisfaction with teaching quality, 81% expressed satisfaction with skills development, and 72% were satisfied with student support.

Those recently enrolled at university were generally more satisfied than students in the later years of study with regards to teaching quality, student support, learning resources and the quality of their entire educational experience. Those in the later years of their studies are more satisfied with skills development and learner engagement.

Student satisfaction with the quality of their entire educational experience has remained consistently high, at around 80% across the entire survey period from 2011 to 2015 with 2011 a pilot survey in which 24 universities participated.

When comparing satisfaction in focus areas among different demographic groups of students, the largest variation observed was that external students were more dissatisfied than internal students with learner engagement at 43% and 64% respectively.

Comparison of results from the 2015 survey with those from similar surveys in the United States and the UK shows that students in Australia continue to be less satisfied with their higher education experience than their counterparts in these countries.


Available Jobs in Australia

Jobs in Australia

Job2Go is a local recruitment company based in Adelaide, Queensland and Sydney, and has been providing staffing solutions and human resource services to small to large sized companies throughout Australia. We are hiring for the following positions.

Registered Pharmacist

We have a fantastic opportunity for a APHRA Registered Pharmacist to join our team at Bundaberg and Gladstone, QLD. Pharmacists applying need to have a positive attitude and are result-oriented. Flexibility to work weekends and public holidays on a rotating roster will also be a requirement of the role. Forward dispensing and counselling customers will also be a major part as well as assisting in the shop area. Must be willing to relocate.

Sous Chef

Qualified Sous chef needed in Brisbane region

  • Chefs must have at least a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery (or equivalent Chef trade qualifications)
  • Must have previous experience
  • Worked in a high-pressure environment
  • Someone who is goal oriented


Qualified Cooks/Chefs for North Qld.

  • Willing to relocate is a must.
  • Excellent wages and conditions.
  • Immediate start for the right candidates.
  • Sponsorship available.

Tyre Fitter

Our client has an opportunity in the Brisbane region for a tyre fitter to commence immediately.

  • Previous tyre fitting experience required (passenger & truck)
  • Must have a driver's licence
  • Be prepared to assist with other duties
  • Visa sponsorship may be available
  • Attractive salary

Contact Job2Go on 1300 562246. If you are interested in any of these positions, please send your resume to

Alternatively you can check our website for further details


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