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Issue #1 June 2013

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Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome again to all our newsletter readers! Time to get yourself up to date again with the current issue of our No Borders newsletter! We would also like to let you know about Seminars we hold at our Milton office regarding both migration, and personal development. Check out our website and Facebook page for regular updates and feel free to come see us at Level 4, 20 Park Road.

The Savoir Faire Eiffel Tower 'Switching on the Lights' event is also coming up. It's happening right here at Park Road on Sunday the 14th of July, there are loads of GREAT prizes and plenty of fun free activities for all ages. We're very excited to get involved with you all for these activities and again we always appreciate you taking the time to read the material we've prepared for you, and hope it helps you achieve your goals and dreams.

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No Borders celebrates its latest win of a review application with MRT!

Mitchell Ramstadius | June 2013

Below are the details of a successful review application to the MRT. No Borders always fights for your case, and has a proven track record of achieving the results you need. This is a fantastic achievement for Sarvjit and we at No Borders couldn't be happier!

Applicant name: Sarvjit Singh
Representative name: Timea Sandra Graf Dr
MRT Case number: 1219195
Reason of refusal: No Genuine intention

Refusal of a 457 visa application for the reason that the applicant does not meet cl457.223 (4)(d) of Schedule 2 of the Migration Regulations (no genuine intention to work in the nominated occupation – as Program or Project Administrator ANZSCO 511112)

No Borders represented the visa applicant in this appeal and provided ample evidence for the nature and responsibilities of the nominated position from the sponsor to the Tribunal. Also the Department's approval of the business nomination, specifically the applicant as the nominated employee as a Project Administrator as well as documentary and oral evidence have been provided to the Tribunal regarding the nature of the work and intention of the employing sponsor.

The Tribunal was satisfied that the visa applicant has genuine intention to perform the nominated occupation and the position is genuine. Therefore cl457.223 (4)(d) has been met. The Tribunal remitted the matter to DIAC for reconsideration. The representative agent was Ms Timea Sandra Graf.

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Important: Proposed changes to the Subclass 457 Visa

Mitchell Ramstadius | June 2013

There are proposed changes to Subclass 457 visa expected to be introduced 1 July 2013. The cost of a 457 Visa was announced by the Labor Government to increase from AU$455 to $900 in July, making it more important than ever to make your visa applications as effective and successful as possible! While the Minister of Immigration & Citizenship made various announcements such as the following:

  • Employers must demonstrate their nominated position has a skill shortage, proving this involves meeting complex requirements which are best presented with the help of a migration agent
  • Certain positions will have higher English language requirements. Determining your odds of being competent enough as well as guiding you through your language development, is vital support that can be provided by a migration agent
  • The market salary exemption increased from $180,000 to $250,000, meaning you employers paying migrants salaries between these two figures will now be investigated. Having the support of migration agents and lawyers will help you take on the right employees and satisfy the requirements of any investigations.
  • Greater focus on compliance by strengthening infringement management, to reduce employers who are abusing the 457 system. This makes it even more essential for employers to have a migration agent guide them through the process of bringing migrant workers over to fill their positions

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Unfairly Treated Subclass 457 Visa Holdersa

Mitchell Ramstadius | June 2013

At a recent Committee hearing, the question was asked of the MIA whether they could provide any information about any unfairness, exploitation or discrimination suffered by Subclass 457 visa holders. The MIA has asked any Members who have had 457 visa clients approach them regarding any unfairness, exploitation or discrimination they have suffered if they could provide any information about that by emailing the NSW/ACT Committee.

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Attention all Doctors and Nurses!

Mitchell Ramstadius | June 2013

Australia currently has a shortage you can fill, especially in the regional areas. Migrant doctors can apply for a visa to work in Australia, but can only seek permanent residency if they hold full medical registration. Doctors wishing to practice in Australia must first be registered with their intended state of practice's Medical Board. Once their visa is granted they must then apply for a Medicare Provider Number if they plan to work in general practice or prescribe drugs. You can find out more detailed information about working and registering as a doctor in Australia at the following website:

Nurses are in very high demand with excellent career opportunities for both permanent and temporary work, regardless of whether you're inside or outside Australia when you apply for your visa. Most nurses receive priority processing for their visas. Nurses must be in good health, having to pass a health examination to work in a hospital or health care area. Nurses must also be registered by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, and applicants for General Skilled Migration must perform a skills assessment from the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC).

Take this great opportunity to broaden your horizons, live in the beautiful Australia, and lock down a quality job with great future prospects!

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Minimum wage to increase!

Jensen Tan| June 2013

Come 1st July, Australia's national minimum wage will see a 2.6 per cent increase over the existing $606.40 a week, which will stand at $622.20 per week. There has been mixed responses towards the rise in the minimum wage by the public.

Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Wayne Swan and Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations Bill Shorten welcomed the modest increase by the Commission's Minimum Wage Panel for Australia's lowest paid.

On the same note, all modern award minimum wage rates are also subject to the 2.6% increase. Also, the statutory superannuation contribution rate increases to 9.25% (originally at 9%) of ordinary time earnings, up to the maximum contributions base.

Employers are required to comply with the latest changes effective 1 July 2013.

For more information, feel free to e-mail and title your email subject as 'Wage information'.

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'Where Art Thou' – Introducing the JOB list

Jensen Tan | June 2013

Job2Go would like to remind all our readers that the Job2Go website ( has a list of jobs that are open to application!

Click the 'job' tab and there you will find a list of available jobs in Australia.

If you believe you possess the right experience for the specified jobs, send your resume through!

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