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Australia Needs more migrants


Australia needs 250,000 new migrants a year: study


Recent Job - Employment and Industrial Relations Lawyer (1-4 yrs PAE)


No Borders Migration offers MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on 485 Graduation Visa


Don’t risk your whole future by cheating, university warns students


Australia Day, Invasion Day, Survival Day: What's in a name?


Australia needs 250,000 new migrants a year: study

Australia needs to attract more migrants to boost the economy to sustain future growth, the Migration Council of Australia says.

Independent modelling commissioned by the Migration Council of Australia warns about the dangers of reducing net migration.

The migration report comes as the government releases the five-yearly Intergenerational Report (IGR) which shows that migrants are expected to make up a smaller percentage of the population in coming decades.

The IGR provides a snapshot of Australia in 2055, when the population is tipped to almost double from 24 million today, to 40 million. The modelling shows Gross Domestic Product will fall and wage growth will slow.

The government assumes net overseas migration will remain stable at 215,000 people per year, down from a peak of 300,000 in 2008-9.

Currently, net overseas migration (new migrants arriving, minus Australians leaving per year) makes up 1 per cent of the national population, but that is expected to decrease to 0.5 per cent by 2055 under the IGR modelling. The modelling says Australia needs 250,000 migrants a year to boost the economy by $1.6 trillion by 2050.

But the alternate modelling from the Migration Council of Australia shows if annual migration was increased to 250,000 people, the economy would be boosted by $1.6 billion – a rise of $1,125 per person in Gross National Income.

Key findings of the Intergenerational report:

  • Gross Domestic Product is tipped to fall to 2.8 per cent over the next 40 years, compared with 3.1per cent over the previous 40 years.
  • By 2055 almost one in five people aged 65 will still be in the workforce, and around 40,000 people will make their 100th birthday.
  • Wages growth is also expected to slow to 1.4 per cent, down from 1.9 per cent over previous years. By 2055 the average Australian can expect to earn $117,300.
  • However, Australians are expected to be working much longer. By 2055 almost one in five people aged 65 will still be in the workforce, and around 40,000 people will make their 100th birthday.
  • The report also makes a case for further cuts to government spending, particularly in health and social services.
  • It warns if proposed budget measures do not pass the parliament, net government debt would reach 60 per cent of GDP.
  • In contrast, if proposed policy was implemented, the net debt would be wiped by 2031-32.
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Recent Job - Employment and Industrial Relations Lawyer (1-4 yrs PAE)

Employment Lawyer job position at Nb Lawyers

Due to continual growth, there is an exciting opportunity for NB Lawyers, the lawyers for employers to welcome a new Employment and Industrial Relations Lawyer (1-4 years PAE) into our Brisbane office. This position will suit a Lawyer who has built a solid skill set in the Employment and IR area and who wants to now play an active role in continuing to grow the firm and build relationships with clients.

Working on a variety of challenging employment and workplace relations matters you will be providing high quality legal advice. Working closely with clients, you will form the role of trusted advisor and be able to manage clients expectations and deliver the best results. You will also be expected to assist in the continual building of the business and development of your own portfolio of clients.

The successful candidate will have:

  • 1-4 years post admission experience (either in a law firm or through in house practice)
  • Solid knowledge and proven experience of Employment law, industrial relations and workplace relations
  • High level of verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong analytical and technical skills
  • Bachelor of Laws with a current Queensland practicing certificate
  • An ability to reach standard budgets and targets in a law firm environment; managing deadlines, dealing with unexpected tasks and prioritising work accordingly
  • Good practice of business ethics
  • The ability to work in a team environment and also independently
  • Ideally (but not essential) a client base that will follow you to this new role (bonuses will be available for work brought into the firm upon commencement)
  • Knowledge of other areas of law will be an advantage though not mandatory
  • Knowledge of and solid experience with Enterprise Bargaining Agreements, Unfair Dismissal and general protections applications, restraint of trade and show cause processes is an advantage
  • Applicants who have worked for Trade Unions, Industry Associations or Employer Associations are encouraged to apply
  • Part time applicants are also welcome to apply

In return we offer a highly competitive salary package (depending on experience) PLUS bonuses. Other benefits can be negotiated for the right candidate. We have a well-equipped office on Park Road at Milton and a positive, energetic work environment. In this role you will be provided with support and assistance from various members of the firm, including specialist Marketing, HR, IT and Administration support.

NB Lawyers are the lawyers for employers who believe in providing specialised legal advice creating peace of mind, preventive measures and developing risk mitigation strategies. Located in Brisbane with an office in Sydney, Adelaide and Cairns we service clients across Australia and are a rapidly growing firm. Our culture revolves around a vibrant, dynamic, solution driven and client orientated atmosphere.

If you are a motivated and dynamic Employment Lawyer looking to get out from behind your desk and help grow our practice as well as provide the highest level of service to our clients then we want you on our team.

Please submit your application to

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No Borders Migration offers money back guarantee on 485 GRADUATION VISA*

No Borders money back guarantee

485 graduation visas are valid from 2 - 4 years depending on your qualification.

It grants an opportunity to remain in Australia and prepare for a PR application by looking for work experience or looking for an employment sponsor. Many students are not sure about which stream they for this type of visa. Instead of risking a visa refusal, it's wise to appoint professional migration agent to assist you.

STUDY RIGHTS - Allowed to study part time or full time without the pressure of minimum attendance or grade requirements being enforced by the Department

WORK RIGHTS - Can work unlimited hours to improve financial situation and obtain post graduate work experience (a requirement for many PR pathways).


  • Expose to more employment opportunities which may come with sponsorship
  • Add more point to PR visa with point system with work experience in Australia
  • Time to set up own business with local partners for sponsorship if your qualification is not on the SOL list

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Brisbane: Phone: +61 7 3876 4000, Email:
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Don’t risk your whole future by cheating, university warns students

Australian University warns students of cheating

Students caught cheating risk being failed, expelled and having their visas cancelled as University administrators step up investigations on ‘essay farms’ from where students buy essays and assignments to make the grade.

Last year, media reports revealed that thousands of students were buying essays and completed assignments paying up to $1000 for the ‘service’. Companies like MyMaster and Assignment King were reportedly openly advertising their services in Mandarin on various community websites.

The Australian National University which managed to pick-out some 51 fake assignments last year is now warning students not to put their future at risk as they will be failed and expelled should the fraud be uncovered. According to a report in The Canberra Times, the ANU has launched another major investigation into the matter, this year.

This time, the company Assignment King is the focus. The company claims to haves some 250 writers who have graduated from some of Australia’s top universities providing tailor-made assignments and essays.

"Claims by such websites that they won't be detected are simply not true… Those who get caught cheating risk disciplinary action, the most serious of which is expulsion from the university. It just isn't worth the risk." warned ANU deputy vice-chancellor, professor Marnie Hughes-Warrington. Expulsion could subsequently result in a cancellation of their visa.

Universities warn that despite claims of the companies, ‘it is very likely that parts of a purchased assignment will be taken from the web, or from previous work, or from similar requests, so it will be detected.”

Other universities including the University of Melbourne and the University of Canberra are also on the look out for cheats. Last year, the University of Canberra, investigated 420 cases and found 391 had cheated.

"The university advises students that there is nothing to be gained from academic misconduct…They are very likely to get caught and they will create gaps in their knowledge that place them at a disadvantage in the workforce." University of Canberra.

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Australia Day, Invasion Day, Survival Day: What's in a name?

australia day

Australia Day?

Australia Day is Australia’s national day commemorating January 26, 1788, the date on which Captain Arthur Phillip raised the flag of Great Britain and proclaimed a colonial outpost of the British Empire in Port Jackson, later Sydney Cove.

Though the day had been marked formally as ‘Foundation Day’ in the early years of the colony in New South Wales, the collective nation of Australia didn’t formally begin until federation on New Year’s Day, 1901.

Discussions about holding a national day were raised in the early 1900s and by 1935 all Australia states and territories had adopted the term ‘Australia Day’. However it wasn’t until 1994 that the whole country began to celebrate Australia Day on January 26 with a national public holiday.

What do we celebrate?

To many, Australia Day is a day of celebration of the values, freedoms and pastimes of our country. To some, it represents new beginnings and gaining citizenship in a country of relative peace and freedom. To others, it is a day to spend at community events or at a barbeque with family, friends and a game of backyard cricket.

Invasion Day?

For some Australians, particularly among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, January 26 is not a day of celebration, but is seen as a day which commemorates the invasion by British settlers of lands already owned.

A day of mourning:

In 1938, on the 150th anniversary celebrations, William Cooper, a member of the Aboriginal Progressive Association, and other activists met and held a 'Day of Mourning and Protest'. This event included a silent protest march and a conference aimed at securing national citizenship and equal rights for Indigenous people.

This also includes recognition of the violence of the Frontier Wars, a period of conflict between settlers and Australia's Indigenous peoples, which lasted from 1788 up until the time around the Coniston massacre in 1928.

Indigenous sovereignty:

Invasion Day is also seen as an opportunity to assert the sovereignty of Indigenous peoples. Each year, marches are held in cities around Australia protesting the 'celebration' of Australia Day and calling for sovereignty and social justice for Indigenous Australians.

Survival Day?

For many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, Australia Day is also an opportunity to recognise the survival of our people and our culture. Despite colonisation, discrimination and comprehensive inequalities, we continue to practise our traditions, look after the land and make our voices heard in the public sphere. We survive.


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