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It's great to be back with another feature packed issue of our No Borders newsletter! We have plenty of uplifting articles this week. All of us want a happier and more fulfilling life and No Borders Group has got stacks of helpful information to help you achieve just that here in Australia! Immerse yourself in the valuable content below, and as always we wish you luck with all your migration matters.

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A Better and Happier Life can be Attainable through Migration

Mitchell Ramstadius | June 2013

Migrating to Australia can be a fantastic way to live the life you've always wanted, and succeed at achieving goals you've previously only dreamed of! Tar Eh Paw Gay for example is a migrant from a remote refugee camp in regional Thailand. She says the feeling of living in safety is wonderful and having the opportunity to work and study is highly fulfilling! Her husband Kaw now works at a local school and Tar attends regular English lessons. You can understand more about how impressive the successful change to her life has been at the following link:

She admits that initially thinking about the commitment of migrating to Australia was daunting. 'But we had faith that it would all work out for the best.' Tar and her family still have strong links to their Burmese Karen community roots, meeting regularly with Canberra's local Karen community. 'We recently celebrated Karen New Year,' Tar says. 'It was very special and nice to have the opportunity to celebrate here. We shared traditional food with family and friends at a local community centre.'

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Worried about your English?

Mitchell Ramstadius | June 2013

If your understanding of the English language is intimidating you away from migrating to Australia or you just want to improve your English skills to further enrich your experience here, don't give in as there are many great programs and supports available to you. One of these highly beneficial programs is the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP). It provides free language courses to migrants and is a great opportunity for you to make friends and learn about Australia, its people and its customs.

Learn more here:

Improving your English skills can greatly improve your quality of life here in Australia. Communication skills are so invaluable in the modern world, and the better you get at them the more opportunities you can expose yourself too. You can feel confident that moving here to Australia is a great option for you regardless of your English language abilities, as there are so many helpful programs like the AMEP which will make your migration process so much easier and less stressful.

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Unfairly Treated Subclass 457 Visa Holdersa

Mitchell Ramstadius | June 2013

At a recent Committee hearing, the question was asked of the MIA whether they could provide any information about any unfairness, exploitation or discrimination suffered by Subclass 457 visa holders. The MIA has asked any Members who have had 457 visa clients approach them regarding any unfairness, exploitation or discrimination they have suffered if they could provide any information about that by emailing the NSW/ACT Committee.

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Possible Subclass 457 changes for 1 July 2013

Mitchell Ramstadius | June 2013

The Migration Amendment (Temporary Sponsored Visas) Bill 2013 is now before Federal Parliament. The following is a summary of the proposed amendments contained in the Bill among others which has not yet passed:

The purpose of temporary sponsored work visas is to address genuine skills shortages without displacing employment and training for Australian citizens and permanent residents, by imposing obligations on sponsors to protect the workers and not use the program inappropriately.

Labour Market Testing is to be defined as means testing of the Australian labour market to demonstrate whether a suitably qualified and experienced Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident is readily available to fill a nominated position. Labour market testing will be satisfied if evidence of extensive effort by the sponsor to fill the position with an Australian citizen or permanent resident can be presented, and is required for many occupations.

New 457 visa conditions where if the visa holder ceases employment with their sponsor, the period which they cease employment must not exceed 90 consecutive days which is up from the original 28. An exhaustive list of various Sponsorship obligations is planned to be implemented including paying a market salary rate and paying prescribed costs for the departure of a visa holder from Australia just to name a couple. The powers of Sponsorship Inspectors will include investigating whether a person who is required to satisfy a sponsorship obligation has committed an offence, or contravened a civil penalty provision

You can find out more details of these changes at:

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RSS Feeds: A Great Way to Stay Informed on what's out there!

Mitchell Ramstadius | June 2013

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds are an excellent tool you can subscribe to. They allow you to access content such as job opportunities that we have published in the feed. A highly effective way for you to utilise these feeds is by adding your favourite RSS Feeds as subscriptions in Microsoft Outlook.

Subscribing to one of our RSS Feed in outlook is simple and free! The items will appear similar to standard email messages, so when you see a headline that interests you just click on the item to open it. Using this resourceful feature will help you stay up to date on what work is out there, and never miss your perfect opportunities.

RSS in Outlook Step 1

Open Outlook and click with your right mouse button on "RSS Feeds".

Outlook RSS Feed How to

RSS in Outlook Step 2

Add one of the hyperlinks from the list above to your RSS List.

Outlook RSS Feed How to

RSS in Outlook Step 3

Get up-to-date Job Positions to your Inbox every time you open Outlook.

Outlook RSS Feed How to

Find more out:

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Our Contributions to Society!

Jensen Tan | June 013

Job2Go recognizes the importance of being responsible and contributing to the community in a wholesome and committed way. We consider ourselves to be socially committed to improving the community and believe that helping the local community is not just an obligation, but rather it is an integral part of our business.

Job2Go contributes through direct financial support and also through the support of our partners and staff who take part in activities organized by both them and their organisations. Our partners and staff are involved in regional Chambers of Commerce, local council initiatives, business alliances as well as religious bodies. We also provide work placements for local and international students, in an effort to support the education system in Australia.

Here are two of the organisations Job2Go supports:

Rosies – Friends on the Street


Rosies Youth Mission Inc. is a non-profit organisation operating in 9 areas in Queensland catering to the homeless through our street outreach and supporting those in need with Children and Drug court support, Youth detention centre support, Prison visitation and Schoolies outreaches. Rosies provides friendship without judgement, and can put a little light into your day with tea, coffee, milo and soup. Homelessness is the most damaging spiritual illness in society today and Rosies is proud to be part of the healing solution.

Autism Queensland Inc

Autism Queensland

Autism Queensland is a community based, not for profit, Incorporated Association dedicated to bringing about positive change in the lives of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families.

We are the only organisation that provides a comprehensive range of specialised services and support for people of all ages living with ASD and their families throughout Queensland. We are the state's longest serving and most experienced agency, with more than 45 years of experience in the delivery of Early Intervention, education and training, support, therapy and respite care.

Our services include Queensland's only accredited, non-state schools located in Brisbane at Sunnybank and Brighton delivering ASD-specific education and therapy programs; early intervention programs delivered through centres in Cairns, Rockhampton, Mackay and Gladstone; as well as outreach, training and support services for parents, professionals and schools across the state. We are also involved in a variety of research programs in collaboration with universities to better understand ASD and develop improved interventions for people with ASD in the future.

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'Where Art Thou' job section – Automotive mechanics, Panel Beaters and Vehicle Spray Painters!

Jensen Tan | June 013

For a foreigner to live in Australia, he/she needs an Australian visa. For a foreigner to work in Australia, he/she needs an Australia visa AND a job. Finding a job is as tough as the current migration laws. This is where Job2Go comes into the picture.


Do you enjoy working with vehicles? We have got employers who are urgently looking for car mechanics, technicians, and panel beaters, spray painters, and more! They are willing to sponsor YOU on a work visa. This visa will allow YOU and your family to live and work in Australia!

Job2Go is currently in the process of upgrading the skills of overseas automotive specialists (panel beaters, car spray painters, etc.). If you are interested in knowing more information on how to upgrade your skills with us, send an email to with this information:

  • Your resume
  • Your nationality
  • Your age
  • Your years of experience in the automotive industry

Do write in your email that you saw this newsletter post too!
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