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immigration anti-fraud initiative to traget couples in Australia


New immigration anti-fraud initiative to target couples in Australia


Wills and Estate Planning


Australia issues new information for Chinese visa applicants


New employment services called jobactive to better meet the needs of job seekers and employers


Skilled workers, management and IT experts still in demand in Australia


New immigration anti-fraud initiative to target couples in Australia

Couples are to be targeted in the latest crackdown on immigration fraud in Australia, particularly those who have declared sponsorship for a partner visa.

A new data-matching program, which is a joint initiative between the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and Human Services Department, will target welfare recipients.

The spotlight will be on fake couples who are fraudulently claiming social security payments or committing migration fraud, especially those on single payments but have declared sponsorship of a partner for immigration purposes.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said the joint operation will enable the department to identify people suspected of being involved in migration fraud through the partner visa program.

'Last year we identified an increase in the number of allegations relating to the facilitating of contrived marriages. This data-matching program is part of a whole government approach to fraud detection and prevention. People who deliberately take advantage of Australia’s welfare and migration system will be caught,' he explained.

'If a member of the community suspects that a person is unlawfully in Australia, committing migration fraud, or working in breach of their visa conditions, then they should contact the immigration department,' he pointed out.

'The consequences are serious. People may be forced to repay the benefits they were not entitled to, have their visa application refused, or face criminal charges,' he added.

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Wills and Estate Planning

wills estate planning

With the help of No Borders Migration, you have secured your future in Australia.

Now it's time to secure your family’s future too, by ensuring your Will and other Estate Planning needs are taken care of and are up to date.

No Borders Migration’s affiliated law firm, NB Lawyers can help you with all your Will, Enduring Power of Attorney and other Estate Planning needs.

Even though a Will you may have made in another country may be legal in that foreign jurisdiction, to be enforceable in Australia it has to be proven to be valid in the Supreme Court as part of applying for probate of the Will.

How Can We Help?

If you do not have a Will at all, or if you have not updated it in the last few years, or since you started living in Australia, now is the time to look at having a new Will and Enduring Power of Attorney prepared that is valid and enforceable in Australia and which properly deals with your Australian assets.

There is significant time and cost involved in having a solicitor in a foreign jurisdiction, as well as in Australia, to prepare the paperwork attesting to the legality of the original Will made in another country. There may also be additional costs to translate the Will into English for the Australian courts to process it.

Furthermore, a Will executed in a foreign jurisdiction may not adequately identify and deal with all of your Australian based property.

That is where we come in. Why pay more when we offer a simple, hassle-free solution?

As a special introductory offer for all No Borders Migration Clients, NB Lawyers is offering to prepare a professionally drafted and bound Will for you and your partner for a special price of $600 per couple - normally $800 per couple!
We can also offer a package price comprising of a Will and an Enduring Power Attorney for the special price of $700 per couple or $450 for a single person.
NB Lawyers can deal with more complex situations; however we would have to provide a tailored quote for you based on your specific circumstances.


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Australia issues new information for Chinese visa applicants

chinese brochure for australian visa

Australia has issued new brochures in Chinese to help potential arrivals from China apply for an Australian visa.

In a joint initiative the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Austrade and Tourism Australia have developed a series of bilingual promotional flyers to provide access to helpful and accurate information on visa arrangements.

The first brochure concentrates on how easy it is to apply for Australian visitor visas in China, while the second provides facts about Australian visitor visas in China.

The information points out that Australia has reduced documentary requirements, so the application process is easier and faster and applicants to not need to attend an interview.

It also points out that there are Australian Visa Application Centres (AVACs) conveniently located close to public transport in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, with long opening hours to accept visa applications and answer questions.

It is not always necessary to provide originals of documents needed for a visa application. For example, if you lodge an application in person at an AVAC, you don’t need your original passport. Australia is also currently piloting electronic lodgement of visitor visa applications in China.

For tourists, a multiple-entry visa is usually available for numerous visits to Australia within one year, with a stay period of up to three months on each entry. A longer period of stay may be granted depending on your personal circumstances.

All visa applications are processed by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and applicants are encouraged to provide a secure email address, since once a decision has been made on an application officials can sent out the result directly.

'While visitors are in Australia, they are covered by Australia’s consumer protection laws which require all businesses to treat consumers fairly. The Australian Government provides information on consumer rights to ensure that consumers are aware of their rights when purchasing products or services during their visit to Australia,' said a DIBP spokesman.

Travellers who believe they have been treated unfairly by a business while in Australia can lodge a complaint with a consumer protection agency in Australia,’ the spokesman added.


New employment services called jobactive to better meet the needs of job seekers and employers

jobactive Australia

On 1 July 2015, the Australian Government is introducing new employment services called jobactive to better meet the needs of job seekers and employers and improve job outcomes.

What is jobactive?

It is a government service that will help more people find work and better meet the needs of employers.

What does it mean to you who is seeking a job?

You will have access to tailored help from a jobactive organisation, based on your assessed needs.

This could include:

  • help looking for work, writing a resume and preparing for interviews
  • referrals to jobs in their local area
  • training that is suited to the skills that local employers need
  • case management so that job seekers are ready to take up and keep a job
  • support to complete Work for the Dole or other eligible activities to provide them with work-like experiences, to help them learn new skills and improve their chances of finding a job.
What does it mean to you who is employing workers?

You will be able to find staff for your business, at no charge to you. These organisations will screen candidates to ensure they meet an employer's business needs.

Employers will have access to wage subsidies for young people, mature age people, Indigenous people and long term unemployed people to take on job seekers and provide job specific training where needed.

For more information on how this service will assist your job searching or organisation, contact us at (07) 3358 5017 and speak to Jensen.

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Skilled workers, management and IT experts still in demand in Australia

skilled workers in Australia

Skilled workers such as plumbers and builders, engineers, labourers, accounting staff and IT experts are still in demand in Australia, with employers stating these are the hardest jobs to fill.

Corporate management executives, sales reps, drivers, technicians and administrative staff are also in demand, but doctors have fallen out of the list of top 10 hardest jobs to fill.

Some 42% of Australian employers are struggling to fill roles, but the number implementing strategies to tackle shortages is down 5% year-on-year, according to ManpowerGroup Australia’s 10th Annual Talent Shortage Survey.

The survey reports that Australian employers are stepping away from tackling the talent shortage issue at a rate of one and a half times their global counterparts.

Lincoln Crawley, managing director of ManpowerGroup Australia and New Zealand, said the rate at which Australian employers are dropping initiatives to tackle the skills shortage is alarming and disappointing.

'Globally we have seen the number of businesses taking on strategies to counter the talent shortage increase; while on home soil this number has dropped dramatically over a 12 month period. Australian employers are giving up,' he explained.

'It is imperative for the economy that our workforce is able to compete on the world stage. There has never been a better time for business to focus on developing work practices that will enable them to compete for talent long term,' he added.


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