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Holiday Spirit from No Borders

Holiday spirit from NO Borders

We're now counting down to the longest festive season of the year. Students are enjoying the break from assignments and exams, work places are gearing down ready for the holiday season. But at No Borders Migration we’re extremely busy to finalise all the outstanding files, complete the applications so we can submit before the last working day.

Many of our clients are overjoyed as their visa was granted in the last minutes of the year.

Some of those who chose not to be our clients were left frustrated and unhappy as their visa was refused due to their sponsor or a separate entity trying to take matters into their own hands, resulting in poor execution and an eventual visa refusal.

We may not be able to rank ourselves in the industry; but like a soldier, we’ve been on the battlefield of Immigration every day for the last sixteen years. The experience has made us resilient, clever, efficient and effective; providing us with the opportunity to deliver the best result possible for our clients: The Visa

No Borders Group

Our Team at No Borders wishes you a Happy Festive Season and a Wonderful New Year!

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Tony Abbott cabinet reshuffle moves Scott Morrison out of immigration

Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Sunday (21 Dec 2014) announced a Cabinet reshuffle promoting Peter Dutton to immigration and moving Scott Morrison into social services in a much bigger ministerial reshuffle than expected.

Mr Abbott announced his new look team in Canberra on Sunday, saying it would "reset and refocus the government for the coming year".

"This is a ministry for jobs and families and it is a sign that this is a government which wants the economy and the budget to be front and centre in the coming year," he told reporters in Canberra.

The prime minister announced that Scott Morrison would be "promoted" to the Minister for Social Services, saying this is an "absolutely critical domestic portfolio".

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Increase in Partner Visa Application Charge

Starting from 1 January 2015 the Partner Visa Application Charge (VAC) is going to increase in price.

How much will a Partner or Prospective Marriage visa cost?

There has been a 50 per cent increase to most partner Visa Application Charges. We are unable to provide you with an estimate of your fees as this amount will vary based on your circumstances. Updated pricing information will be available through the visa pricing estimator shortly.

What subclasses are affected?

This change will apply to permanent Partner visa subclasses (combined 309/100 and 820/801) and the prospective marriage visa (subclass 300).

What if I have already lodged my application?

The new fee will apply to Partner visa applications lodged on, or after 1 January 2015.

This increase will not affect you if you have lodged a valid application prior to 1 January 2015.

What other options are available if I can't afford the increased VAC?

You might consider applying for a visa under the skilled stream, which generally has quicker processing times. Visit our SkillSelect area on our website to see if there is a skilled visa option for you.

Why has the cost of a partner visa been increased?

This was a decision made by the Government in order to fund whole-of-government policy priorities.

Can I receive financial assistance to pay the VAC? Can the VAC be waived?

The department does not offer any financial assistance to visa applicants. You might consider seeking assistance from family and friends or a financial institution. The VAC is a substantial cost for most couples to bear, it is a legislative requirement that the visa application charge be paid for the application to be valid. No assessment of a visa application can be made before the appropriate charges have been paid. Furthermore, there is no provision to waive, reduce, or pay a Partner or Prospective Marriage VAC in instalments.

Partner Visa Costs increase
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Nurses expected to top demand for specialist jobs in Australia in 2015

Nursing Jobs in 2015

There are likely to be more jobs for nurses, midwives, physiotherapists and dieticians in Australia in 2015, according to health service recruiters.

Recruitment firms forecast steady employment growth across the health sector next year as new hospitals in several states open their doors, while community aged care is expected to expand nationally due to investment in consumer directed care.

Nurses with specialist skills in theatre, mental health and palliative care are in demand, while employment opportunities for allied health and nursing graduates are also predicted to rise, especially in regional and remote locations.

Skilled and experienced nurses, midwives and allied health professionals such as physiotherapists, podiatrists, occupational therapists and dieticians are all expected to be in demand.

“We continue to see an increased level of demand for nurses, midwives and allied health professionals within the growing aged care sector, which is putting additional strain on other health sectors and remote locations,” said Mark de Vink, Hays Healthcare regional director.

He pointed out that an example of this is in the Northern Territory where the firm has seen a spike in demand for midwives.

He also pointed out that recruiters and employers continue to face difficulties attracting nurses, midwives and allied health professionals to regional and remote areas, where there’s a real demand for their skills.

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