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Migration Agent arrested

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Migration Agent has been arrested

A migration agent and his wife, who is a wedding celebrant face up to 10 years in jail after being charged over an alleged visa scam. They have assisted Indian studentsin bogus marriages to Australian women.

Chetan Mohanlal Mashru and his Australian-born wife Divya Krishne Gowda were arrested in Brisbane. The migration agent faces 49 charges including arranging fake marriages and lodging fraudulent visa applications with the Department of Immigration.

The marriage celebrant wife, Gowda, faces 17 charges, who allegedly performed the "marriages" that were the basis of the fabricated visa applications.

An estimated $2.2 million in the pairs assets have reportedly been frozen as alleged proceeds from the scam.

No Borders Newsletter
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Online Lodgement now available for Migration
Review Tribunal and Refugee Review Tribunal matters

Our Sydney Office

We are pleased to advise that the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) and Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT) now offer online lodgement for new applications.

We will be able to lodge your application at any time, and will receive a much more prompt response from the Tribunals. This also means that payments will be made securely and conveniently online. Please be reminded that if you wish to lodge your application on the last day of the time limit, that the application must be received by the Tribunal no later than midnight local time, if you are lodging within Australia.

Application via hand, post and fax will still be available if required.

Please remember to consider whether the application will be lodged within time and plan accordingly. No Borders Migration is here to assist you with the preparation and lodgement of your application, and will ensure to comply with all strict timeframes and regulations.

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SOL List - Accounting: To go or stay?

For many international people wishing to migrate to Australia through the Independent Skilled Migration stream, the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) has become one of the most important documents to base their decision around. It provides those who have qualifications in any of the numerous numbers of occupations, an opportunity to work and live in Australia. The Australian Department of Immigration regularly updates the SOL to reflect changes of demand for certain occupations in the Australian Labour market.

In the last few months, there has been a lot of talk in regards to accounting being removed off the Skill list for 2014. This speculation is a result of various news articles from a number of governing bodies. The Department of Employment says there is no shortage of accountants in Australia and has called for the occupation to be scrapped from the skill list. The number of international students completing accounting degrees has increased by 500% between 2001 and 2012, in the past 5 years about 40,000 migrants have entered the country in the accounting skill stream, the most out of all occupations on the Skills list. This has contributed to a surplus of accountants throughout Australia, all competing for a decreasing number of available jobs.

In contrast to this however, PwC's Ms Eckersley has stated that "the more sources which help us attract the best talent, the better". Large accounting firms are relishing the opportunity to be selective, choosing from a large amount of candidates to hire the right person for the job. Some peak accounting bodies are also saying there is no shortage or accountants, especially in rural or remote areas.

With the SOL list due to be updated soon, time is running out. For those people currently about to finish a Bachelor or Masters of Accounting, and are wishing to apply for Permanent Residency in Australia, should contact No Borders on (07) 3876 4000 to book a consultation in regards to their options, and get some professional guidance throughout their visa application process.

Written by Jason Heal

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Australia Expands Working Holiday Visa Program

Thanks to its thriving economy, the Australian Government encourages greater cultural exchange by expanding its Working Holiday Visa (WHV) Program to a greater list of partner countries. A WHV is a great way for young people to visit Australia and experience the diversity that Australia has to offer. This expansion increases travel and employment opportunities for many and has sparked renewed interest in migration to Australia from around the world.

With over 249,000 working holiday visas granted in the 2012-13 period there was a 15.8% increase in successful applicants from the previous year and these visas were being granted to people from a wide range of countries including South Korea, Taiwan, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and more.

Australia is at present in negotiations to expand their list of partner countries for the WHV Program with countries including Czech Republic, Greece, Mexico, Poland and Portugal, just to name a few. There has also been a record number of Second Working Holiday Visas granted since the opportunity was first introduced in 2005. This is when working holiday visa holders obtain a further 12 months stay after their first year by completing three months (or 88 days) of specified work in a regional area of Australia.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) for the most recent fiscal year published statistics indicating that over 75% of cases for the First WHV were finalised within 6 calendar days and most Second WHV applications finalised within approximately 21 days.

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Israelis now Eligible for Australian Visitor Visa Online Application

It is now easier for Israeli citizens to visit Australia due to an immigration change made by the new Federal government which allows Israelis to apply for a visitor visa online.

According to Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash, Israeli citizens will have online access to visas for short-term visits to Australia from 14 November 2013.

"Citizens of Israel will find the process for applying for a visitor visa for travel to Australia faster than ever. Online access to these visas is being progressively expanded to all countries," said Senator Cash.

Israelis have now joined 72 other nationalities in benefiting from the ability to apply online for the visa category.

He added that "for people seeking to visit Australia as tourists, for business visitor activities or to visit friends or family, the subclass 600 visitor visa is one of the most popular options, with grants in the tourist [non-electronic travel authority] category increasing about 14 per cent in 2012-13,".

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We would like to introduce you a new addition to our partnerships.

Jonathan holds the position of Special Counsel for No Borders Legal Advocates and leads the Workplace Relations and Employment Law team.

In his capacity as Special Counsel Jonathan advises clients on all aspects of industrial relations including enterprise agreements, collective bargaining and interpretation of Modern Awards. Jonathan has represented clients in unfair dismissal, general protections and discrimination matters from the conciliation conference stage through to arbitration in the Fair Work Commission.

The new Workplace Health and Safety legislation can be complicated and Jonathan provides clients with practical solutions as well as preparing applicable workplace policies to abide by their various statutory obligations. Jonathan has a wealth of experience in advising on restructures, redundancies and performance management, as well as extensive knowledge in matters involving restraint of trade, drafting and reviewing employment contracts and advising on contractor arrangements.

We hope that you have found the information in this issue of our newsletter to be enriching and useful. Stay tuned for our next publication and if you would like to talk to us directly, please do not hesitate to email In addition, if you would like your contact details updated or removed from this distribution list or you know someone who would like to be added, please email us on the same address.

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