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Rise of the Student Visas

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Student visa applications on the rise

After three years of slow growth, a large increase in international student visa applications has raised hopes for Australia's international education sector.

International education is one of Australia's highest revenue earners, however, in the past few years enrolment in this multi-billion dollar industry has slumped. This trend seems to be reversing, with more than 74,000 applications lodged in the September quarter 2013, the highest for the quarter in the past four years.

These positive signs come after three years of slow growth for Australia's international education centre, which experienced strong growth until a combination of the high Australian dollar, concerns about Australia's safety following a series of crimes committed against foreign students, and changes in migration laws dramatically reduced enrolment numbers.

The executive director of the International Education Association of Australia, Phil Honeywood, welcomed the latest increase in visa applications, saying the original crackdown caused "pain" to the sector but was motivated by genuine concerns.

Since that time, authorities have sought to make Australia a more attractive destination.

From March 2012, "streamlined visa processing" ensured that prospective students faced a simpler application process if they provided confirmation of enrolment from a participating university in Australia at bachelor, masters or doctoral degree level.

Since then, the application success rate has risen to 94.3 per cent, offshore student visa lodgements increased by 27.6% – and total student visa grants rose by 13.6%.

The deputy chief executive of Universities Australia, Greg Evans, noted "These welcome figures reflect both improved regulatory and visa conditions provided by government as well as the tireless efforts of our universities,"

If you are interested in joining Australia's rapidly growing international student community, contact No Borders for more information.

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No Borders Newsletter
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No Borders arrives in Sydney

Our Sydney Office

Some exciting news for people living in the Sydney area.

No Borders Migration Advocates are going from strength to strength. We are now proud to announce a new office has been recently opened in the beautiful, bustling suburb of North Sydney.

Conveniently located on Berry Street, our Sydney office is run by Kris Ahn, who is one of our senior staff at the agency. Kris is a registered Migration Agent who possesses many years of migration experience under his belt. We are positive Kris and his team are the right people to assist you with any of your migration or visa enquiries, and to make the process of staying Australia a lot more straightforward.

We would love for you to visit the office and give us the opportunity to talk to you face to face, to enable us to help you with any questions or problems you may have in regards to the often long and difficult migration process.

The address is: Level 4, Suites 1 at 56 Berry Street, North Sydney, 2059

Or alternatively you can call: 1300 066 267

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About Kris Ahn

Kris Ahn

Having joined No Borders in June 2012, Kris has a vast array of legal knowledge participating to the 95% of successful visa application records.

Find more out about Kris in his latest Interview

Even though your case may seem to be hopeless please don't hesitate to seek our help. The earlier you attend to issues with your visa the better we can prepare and increase the chances of a positive outcome for you.

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Immigration Minister takes charge of character-based visa decisions

Following a number of high profile cases regarding visa holders with criminal records, Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has asked for all visa decision cases based on character to be referred to him personally.

Morrison is seeking to take personal responsibility for such visa decisions after a New Zealander and a Vietnamese man with criminal records were granted permission by an Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) to stay in Australia.

Morrison told the media that he alone would be responsible for overseeing visa cancellations based on his reading of possible deportees' characters and lifestyles, adding that, once his decisions were made, no appeals would be allowed.

He also wanted to reduce avenues for review of such decisions, noting "Had the decision to cancel Gabriel's visa been made by the Minister, it would not have been subject to review by the AAT".

For assistance with any visa issues you may have, contact No Borders today to arrange a consultation.

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No Borders is a leading migration agency in Brisbane and with more than 15 years of business we have seen a lot, learned a lot and helped a lot.

Even though your case may seem to be hopeless please don't hesitate to seek our help. The earlier you attend to issues with your visa the better we can prepare and increase the chances of a positive outcome for you.

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Australian gas industry encourages flood of migration

Migrants are flocking to Australia to pursue careers in the booming gas industry. In the face of a looming skills shortage Queensland will need to employ tens of thousands of new workers to sustain the rapidly growing gas industry.

According to migration experts The Emigration Group, it is likely skilled British workers will provide a large bulk of the workforce needed. Paul Arthur, Director of The Emigration Group said: "Queensland is predicting they will employ up to 17 000 workers in the gas sector by 2024. This is more than double what they originally predicted, and it is likely they will need to look to migration to fill skill shortages."

The booming gas sector has already seen hundreds of British workers in the construction sector migrating down under to fill these skills shortages.

The new jobs being created in Queensland's gas sector will include engineers, rig managers and specialist trainers and assessors who will be essential to roles in the operation and maintenance of the gas fields.

For skilled British workers looking to emigrate down under this creates a great opportunity to find work and qualify for a visa to live and work in Australia. If you are interested in migrating to Australia, contact No Borders for more information.

If you would like to apply for a visa No Borders can help. With over 15 years of experience, we can assist you in a wide range of visa applications to your country of choice. Feel free to contact our friendly staff today.

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Skilled migration prioritised

Skilled migration is being prioritised by the government as new parliamentary research shows the family stream is becoming an increasingly small component of the migration program.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison supports the government's move toward skilled migrants, as new analysis of trends in the family migration scheme show it has shrunk to roughly half of what it was in 1987-88, and is now eclipsed by a steady growth in skilled migration.

After his father passed away Mr Simms applied for the visa but his application was denied because he has step-siblings in his native United States.

For more information about the skilled migrant visas, contact No Borders today.

Photo Source: SMH: Louie Douvis

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Labor Senator revisits Rudd's call for a 'big Australia'

Labor Senator Sam Dastyari has addressed a subject politicians have avoided since it backfired on Kevin Rudd: the case for a "big Australia".

Telling the story of his own family migrating from an oppressive Iran to Australia in the 1980s, the 30-year-old Senator said it was time Australians had a mature debate about migration and refugees.

"Immigration adds to our national wealth. Immigration is nation building. Immigration makes us strong." Dastyari said.

Since former PM Kevin Rudd mounted his unsuccessful call for a 'Big Australia' in 2010, alarm and nationalistic fears have dominated the public conversation about the size of Australia's population.

At the time, fears about immigration were fanned effectively by then opposition leader Tony Abbott, and Mr Rudd soon abandoned the debate.

When Julia Gillard took over as prime minister in the lead-up to the 2010 election, she quickly and explicitly distanced herself from the idea of a "big Australia", instead favouring a 'sustainable population' policy which points to a restrictive view on population growth.

In light of this restrictive outlook, Senator Dastyari said Australia risks becoming an "insular" country, dominated by fear-mongering political rhetoric and ignoring the economic and social benefits of a larger migration program.

"For too long everyone's been scared away from engaging in this debate," he told Fairfax Media on Wednesday.

"But the truth is that the future of Australia needs to be a big one."

Senator Dastyari said politicians found it easy to score short-term victories by exploiting fears about immigrants.

"Everyone's under a lot of pressure ... it's very easy to play on those fears and say to people [that] a short-term increase in the migrant intake is going to be extra traffic, extra congestion.

"My argument is if you look at the history of this country, proper, sustained long-term growth in immigration, pursuing a big Australia model, will be the only path we have to pay for an ageing future."

Photo Source: AAP: Paul Miller

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