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New Online Application System for Partner Visas

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Online facility makes application easy for partner visas

Applying for a partner visa to Australia has become faster and easier with the introduction of a new online facility. The immigration department aims to process at least 75% of applications with the new online system, ensuring a more effective processing system.

Applicants for a partner visa to Australia can now apply on the website of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP.) They can create, submit, pay for and manage all online applications in the one online system.

The changes will make the application process much easier, according to Hannibal Khoury, an MARA registered agent. 'Online access to these visas is a huge step forward streamlining the applications process which in turn delivers time and cost savings to companies and time poor applicants applying for this visa,' he explained.

The usual processing time for Partner visas is six to eight months, however with this online system this process will be speeded up considerably.

Meanwhile, processing times for the Significant Investor Visa, which has a nine month waiting time, are also to be speeded up. Scott Morrison, Minister for immigration and citizenship, stated he wants these applications to be fast tracked.

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No Borders Newsletter
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Age restrictions lifted for seasonal workers program

The Australian government has made amendments to its Seasonal Worker Program, making it easier for older Pacific Islanders to sign up for it.

From January 2014, workers over the age of 45 will also be able to participate in the program.

A ban will also be lifted on workers who have already completed work under the New Zealand seasonal worker scheme.

The Commissioner of Labour for Vanuatu Lionel Kaluat says Australia has much to gain from older Pacific Islanders as they are more "more productive, more disciplined" at an older age.

"For Pacific Islands, we tend to become more mature and stronger at that particular age so we can do more work," he said.

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Australian immigration minister fails to reintroduce Temporary Protection Visas

A vote on the reintroduction of Temporary Protection Visas (TPVs) has seen the Australian Government defeated. The Abbott government promised to reintroduce TPVs if elected at the last election, however the move for reinstatement was quashed by the upper house of the Australian parliament.

TPVs are temporary visas, lasting three years, which were granted to asylum seekers. After three years, the circumstances of the holder of a TPV were reassessed to see if the TPV holder would still be in danger in his or her home country. If the danger was passed, the visa would not be renewed. TPVs were abolished by the Australian Labor government which took power in 2007.

Immigration minister Scott Morrison introduced legislation to reintroduce TPVs shortly after the Coalition's victory in the general election in September 2013.

TPVs have been described by Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young as 'cruel'. She said 'All they did was punish the most vulnerable, the most genuine, the most deserving refugees simply for having dared seek protection for their families'.

She added 'Refugees on TPVs often refer to living in fear of being returned home back to the dangers they fled in the first place'.

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American man takes visa challenge to Minister

Twenty-eight year old Zachary Simms is determined to call Australia home, taking his bid for a permanent visa all the way to the Immigration Minister Scott Morrison.

The 28-year old had applied for a Remaining Relative Visa (RRV), a category granted to less than 300 people every year who have close relatives in Australia. However, the backlog and demand for RRVs means there's a 16 year wait for successful applicants.

After his father passed away Mr Simms applied for the visa but his application was denied because he has step-siblings in his native United States.

"I don't really consider them part of my family, because my blood family is all over here," Mr Simms said.

"Zach is my son," his mother says.

"Zach needs to be with his mother, and his brothers, and his stepfather. We're his family - to send him back to the States would be devastating"

Simms' mother has set up a petition to try and convince the Immigration Minister Scott Morrison to let Mr Simms stay.

After his appeal with the Migration Review Tribunal was rejected, Mr Simms' lawyer lodged a bid for ministerial intervention

If the ministerial intervention does not grant Mr Simms the visa, then he will have to be deported to the United States.

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High Commission warns of illegal Australian visas sold in Malaysia

The Australian High Commission today warned the public to avoid the sale of illegal Australian visas.

Last month, the Malaysian media reported on the illegal sale of visas by people smugglers, which allegedly allowed asylum seekers to fly into Australia.

Australian High Commissioner to Malaysia, Miles Kupa, urged the public that Australian visas which are allegedly 'for sale' are fakes, as Visas can only be obtained through official channels and cannot be sold.

"We advise the public in Malaysia to ensure that they are dealing through reputable channels when seeking Australian visas", he said, adding that Australia welcomes genuine visitors and migrants.

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Border Protection sends warning to visa over-stayers

A string of end of year operations have led to a number of illegal workers being located in Australia, emphasising the renewed warning that those caught will be returned to their home country.

Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Michaelia Cash, said 14 illegal workers were located at a fruit farm near Batlow, in the south west of New South Wales, while 11 visa overstayers were found on the mid-north coast of the state.

'Thirteen people including six couples were caught by compliance officers in the operation at Batlow. The group was transported to Villawood Immigration Detention Centre in Sydney, pending their removal from Australia at the earliest opportunity,' explained Cash.

'These operations were conducted in response to community information supplied to the department. Investigations into the circumstances of the employment of the illegal workers are continuing,' Cash explained.

'Employers should be aware it is a criminal offence to knowingly or recklessly allow a person to work illegally or to refer an illegal worker for work,' she added.

The visa entitlement verification online (VEVO) service allows employers to check the visa status and eligibility of prospective employees hoping to work in Australia.

Employers found to be employing illegal workers face hefty fines of up to $20,400 and two year's imprisonment, while companies face fines of up to $102,000 per illegal worker.

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