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5 Reasons to hurry up with your Visa Application

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5 Reasons to quickly get ready for your Visa Application

1. The Australian Dollar is low

You save a lot of money for your visa application if you pay with your own currency. The same happens if you want to settle down and buy property. Invest your finances now to get back a much higher value then later this year

2. The Visa Fees are going to increase in December this year

The last increase was about 15% and applied to almost every visa.

3. The Occupations on the SOL List are limited

The Department of Immigration has ceilings (limits) for each occupation on the SOL List. If your occupation has reached its ceiling you won't be able to apply for it this year

4. Massive changes for the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) List expected!

Every year the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) consults the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency (AWPA) for preparing the Skilled Occupation Lists (SOL). For the next year (2014) this Agency has advised the DIAC to cut more than 50 Occupations from the SOL List.

5. Immigration Regulations are changing constantly

The Australian immigration regulations are changing constantly and it's not going to be easier to get an Australian Visa. The earlier you prepare for it, the better are your chances to become an Australian Resident.

Did you know?

The Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency (AWPA) is an independent statutory body which provides advice to the Australian Government on Australia's current, emerging and future skills and workforce development needs.

AWPA provides advice on a broad range of areas that affect the demand, supply and use of skills. Since 2009 this Agency also assists the Australian Government by developing an annually updated list of Skilled Occupations for migration purposes.

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Brisbane Festival in September

Brisbane Festival 2013

Don't miss the Brisbane Festival from the 7th to the 28th of September.

A large range of events is being programmed embracing music, theatre, dance, circus, comedy, cabaret, visual art, talks and more. Start preparing the celebration and enjoy the best of Brisbane!

Click: Brisbane Festival 2013

Make your voice heard!

Australia Election 2013

This Saturday the 7th of September is the Australian National election.

Do not forget to head to the ballot box in order to make your voice heard! Interesting fact: The Australian current Minister, Kevin Rudd, has been mentioned 484,919 times on Facebook whereas the opposition leader has been mentioned 1,080,303 times.

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Kogan - An Australian Immigrants' success story

While Media focus on asylum seekers and immigration issues, recent American studies have underlined immigrants are four times more prone to be millionaires thanks to their ability to spot and then fulfil needs within their environment. Furthermore, BRW's Rich 200 list outlines the impressive amount of successful migrants and their importance for a strong and wealthy Australia.

For example, Ruslan Kogan, son of Russian migrants, moved to Australia in 1989 and started, from his relatives' garage, his online television retailing company at 23 years old. His business Kogan Technologies is currently one of the Australia's major online consumer electronics retailer.

Australia is still commonly referred as the "lucky country" providing flourishing opportunities to every newcomer.

At No Borders Migration Advocates, we strongly believe and assist in fulfilling your Australian Dream.

Reminder: Visa Fees will increase in December

The DIAC has announced further visa application fee increases for this month following the Government's Economic Statement for 2013-2014.

On the 1st of July 2013, the visa application fees have already been increased for most of the visa and some further increases are to be expected after the end of the year.

If you want to avoid to be hit by a new fees hike, it may be beneficial to get ready for your visa application as soon as possible.

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Kris J. Ahn

The Senior Migration Advocate & Lawyer of the No Borders Group, Kris Ahn is under the employee spotlight this week.

Having joined No Borders in June 2012, Kris has a vast array of legal knowledge participating to the 95% of successful visa application records.

Employee Spotlight: Kris J. Ahn – Senior Migration Agent and Lawyer at No Borders

Kris, time to introduce yourself.

My name is Kris Ahn and I am the Senior Migration Advocate and Lawyer of No Borders Group.

I am a Korean migrant, migrated to Australia in Dec 1996. I grew up in Sydney and have graduated from the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) with Combined Degree of Bachelor of Business (Finance Major) and Bachelor or Laws.

I have been with No Borders since June 2012, after working for number of law firms and migration firms in Sydney NSW and in Perth WA.

Why did you choose to work at No Borders?

Before I joined No Borders, I knew this company was different to all the other firms that I have worked with. No Borders had the experience and successful records that only a handful of migration firms in Australia have and I have always wanted to work in a firm with vibrant and diverse cultures.

What do you enjoy most in your work?

I could write a book about my migration in Australia – I personally went through visa refusal of my Permanent Residence Visa, then represented myself in the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT).

My family on the other hand was unlawful in Australia without our knowledge as our then migration agent did not lodge the visa as we have instructed him to. My family (myself excluded) obtained the Permanent Residence through the Ministerial Intervention.

I know better than anybody how stressful and psychologically demanding this migration can be.

I enjoy and also am very motivated in helping and assisting individuals and families from all over the world to come to Australia and settle without having to go through what I had to go through.

What do you think makes No Borders so special?

No Borders' 15 years of experience in Australian Immigration.

No Borders' clients from more than 80 countries in the world.

No Borders' own multicultural and vibrant teams of Migration Advocates and Lawyers, legal assistants and other supportive staffs.

No Borders' unrivalled success stories.

And most importantly, our clients, always leaving our firm smiling, and satisfied.

What is your current key challenge?

Recently I have exchanged a correspondence with the office of Hon. Minister Tony Burke about the new rules of 457 retrospectively and unfairly applying to the visa applicants who have made their applicants prior to the new laws.

I have received a response from the Office of Minister, that he has placed

My current key challenge is reaching out to many non-Australian visitors, students and workers and educating them with the new changes of the migration laws.

It is undoubtedly getting tougher to obtain a visa day by day.

With this given chance, I just want to say ...

"If you can apply for a visa today, then apply today!"

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Job Application: Choosing the best job referees

Contributed by Job2Go

The reference check is as important as the resume itself. Most job seekers concentrate more on polishing their resumes and cover letters, researching the companies, preparing for interviews but neglect an integral part of the job search process – finding the right people to be references.

Now that you have gotten the basics of designing your resume (if you read our last newsletter issue), we want to focus your attention onto a piece of document so often neglected by candidates – Cover letter. What is a cover letter you may ask? Wouldn't a resume cover all the relevant information?

1. Consider different categories of referees

Overall, you should have about three to five referees – choose from those who can speak highly about your accomplishments, work ethic, skills, etc. Some suggestions will be – school professors, immediate supervisors, good business vendors, managers, business acquaintances.

2. Get permission from your referees

It is always important to ask someone for permission to use them as a referee. Most people will be flattered or willing but you still need to ask to be sure.

3. Are you in regular contact with the person?

It would not be wise to nominate your ex-boss from your first job 10 years ago, will it? If you have not been keeping in contact with them, it will be most likely that they have forgotten about your work performance.

4. Are they familiar with your accomplishments?

5. Are they articulate and be comfortable with speaking over the telephone with people?

6. Do they know the type of job you are looking for?

To learn more about choosing referees your referees better, write to me at or visit

Alternatively, join our fan page at facebook at Job2Go for regular job updates.


Established in 2011 as a fully Australian-owned company, Job2Go sets out to support the high demand and skilled employment shortage of the Australian industry. We have the resources of a large firm but still incorporated with the tenacity and close-knitted approach of a small company.

Designed for Australians, we strive to take all the hard work out of your human resource and recruitment process, making sure your journey with us is smooth you are totally satisfied.


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