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Proposed changes to Australian Citizenship Law


What happened to Australia's proposed citizenship law


WA State Government slashes jobs on skilled migration list


Migrants to wait up to 15 years for aged pension


My visa application is refused, so now what? Guide to appeal.


Available Jobs in Australia


What happened to Australia's proposed citizenship law?

The Federal Opposition have decided to oppose the Coalition Government's proposed changes to the citizenship legislation. These changes seek to introduce a mandatory english proficiency requirement and increase the waiting time for permanent residents before they can be eligible for Australian citizenship.

The Labor caucus met on 20 June 2017 and decided to vote against the Federal Government's proposed citizenship law in its current form.

Tony Burke, Shadow Minister for Citizenship called the proposed legislation a "massive overreach". Commenting on the english requirement, he said a large number of "Australians would" never reach the level of english required.

"The challenge with the english language test, that they've set it so high, is just ludicrous and absurd, and dumb," the ABC quoted Mr Burke as saying.

"It is not over cooking it to say this is about who we are as a country. This is who we identify as an Australian citizen," he said.

Mr Bourke also dismissed the argument that the proposed changes were in the interest of national security.

"If there is a national security problem for these people, then why on earth does the Government have them already living here permanently," he said.

When the changes were first announced in April, Labor said that some of the proposed changes were reasonable and that it would consider them.

But on Monday night, the shadow cabinet decided to block the changes, Labor are also opposed to a tougher English language test.

According to the Government's proposed legislation introduced in the lower house of parliament last week, citizenship applicants will be required to achieve a score of 6 in each IELTS band (or equivalent english test) to be eligible for citizenship.

Federation of Ethnic Communities' Councils of Australia (FECCA), the representative body of the multicultural communities in Australia is also opposed to the introduction of a stringent language test.

"Australia is a country of immigration and for forever we've not only received people, but allowed them to work and contribute regardless of their linguistic background. I know thousands and literally thousands of older Australians now who don't speak English well, who've made an enormous contribution" says Pino Migliorino of the FECCA.

Among the laws brought before Parliament is one grants the Minister for Immigration & Border Protection the power to overrule the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. This means if the Tribunal give citizenship to someone despite a Refusal from the Immigration Department, the Minister can override it.

The Immigration Minister already has the power to override the AAT's decisions relating to visa applications, but not in relation to the grant of citizenship.

The proposed law also seeks to introduce an Australian Values Statement that a citizenship applicant would be required to sign.

Labor's opposition to the bill means the Coalition will have to seek 10 crossbench votes to pass the legislation through the Senate. The Greens have already refused to support it, labelling it xenophobic and unfair.


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WA State Government slashes jobs on skilled migration list

Western Australia new skilled migration list 2017

The West Australian State Government have released an updated version of the WA skilled migration list, slashing it to just 18 eligible occupations.

The list, which used to carry 178 occupations including bricklayers, engineers and nurses, was torn up on Labor’s first day of government in March.

Premier Mark McGowan said the 18 occupations on the list were mainly in the health sector where there was a genuine need, including midwives, psychiatrists and several classes of registered nurses.

Mr McGowan said in the current economic climate it did not make sense to give jobs to migrants ahead of West Australians.

Check out the 2017 Western Australian Skilled Migration Occupations List:



Migrants to wait up to 15 years for aged pension

Migrants to wai for aged pension

Under the proposed changes to Australia's welfare system, migrants will have to wait up to 15 years before they can access aged or disability pensions.

Under the new welfare measured introduced in parliament, pension applicants will have to have 10 years of continuous residence, including five years of a person's working life before they can be eligible for a pension.

Alternatively, migrants will be eligible for a pension after 15 years of continuous residence.

"This will ensure that people have some reasonable connection to the Australian economy and society before being granted a permanent pension payment," Social Services Minister Christian Porter said.

Under the current law, a person becomes eligible for a pension after having been an Australian resident for ten years- five of which must be continuous.

The government wants these changes to take effect from July 2018.

The new law also proposes to cease the payment of pension supplement after a recipient spends six weeks overseas and immediately for permanent departures. This measure will take effect from 1 January 2018.

Existing exemptions to Age Pension and DSP residency requirements will be maintained for Humanitarian entrants and for those whose inability to work happened while they were an Australian.

The government hopes the measures will save roughly $119 million. A raft of other welfare reforms bundled together in the law is expected to net almost $900 million in budget savings.

The proposed law also includes the following changes to welfare:

  • Increasing the maximum income test taper of Family Tax Benefit A from 20 cents to 30 cents per dollar once a family's income exceeds a threshold of $94,316
  • Doubling the maximum wait time for Newstart, study, sickness or youth allowance if they have liquid assets above certain thresholds, from 13 to 26 weeks
  • Pegging pensioner education supplements and education entry payment rates to student loans and time spent studying
  • Restricting student relocation scholarships to people studying in Australia and whose parental family home or usual place of residence is also in Australia. This means that students relocating from or studying overseas will no longer be eligible for the scholarship.


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My visa application is refused, so now what? Guide to appeal.

Guide to appeal after visa refusal

Historically speaking, changes to Australian immigration requirements often results in an increased number of Application refusal. There are reasons for the increased refusals. These reasons include stricter enforcement of regulations, increased scrutiny by case officers or unfair and harsh interpretation of the policy.

Where your application is refused, it is important to consider the next step in your immigration strategy. It is also important to remember that time is something that is critical and each subsequent step will have consequences for your chances of remaining in Australia. For example, it may be appropriate to re-submit the application and address areas of concerns raised at the original application. However, there are instances where it is appropriate to appeal a decision.

Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) – what you need to know:

If your application is refused, you may be eligible to lodge an appeal with Administrative Appeals Tribunal. The main advantage of lodging an appeal is that review will be conducted on merits.

Merits review is an administrative reconsideration of a case. A merits review body makes decisions within the same legislative framework as the primary decision maker, and may exercise all the powers and discretions conferred on the primary decision maker.

The AAT has the power to:

  • affirm (not change) the primary decision
  • vary the primary decision
  • set aside the primary decision and substitute a new decision
  • remit (return) a matter to Department of Immigration and Border Protection for reconsideration with specific directions.

In addition, you may be entitled to a Bridging Visa that allows you to remain in Australia during the process of your Apppeal. In most circumstances, there is a 21-day time limit to apply for a review, therefore, you should ensure that a refusal is addressed as quickly as possible.

Federal Circuit Court (FCC) – appeal process

The Federal Circuit Court of Australia (the Court) can review some decisions made under the Migration Act 1958. These include decisions made by the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection (the Minister), the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) and the Immigration Assessment Authority (IAA).

The people responsible for making decisions under the Migration Act include the Minister and the Members of the AAT and IAA (the decision makers). These decision makers look at the merits of your application and whether you should or should not be granted a visa.

The Court may only review a decision in order to determine if a 'error of law' has been made. The Court is independent of the decision makers. The Court does not consider the merits of your application or whether you should or should not be granted a visa.

If the Court finds a jurisdictional error, it can:

  • refer your case back to the decision maker, and.
  • prevent the Minister from acting on the decision.

The Court cannot:

  • reconsider the facts and reasons for your visa application
  • take new factual information into account (unless it is relevant to a question of whether the decision maker made a jurisdictional error), or
  • grant you a visa.

An application for review needs to be filed within 35 days of the date of the migration decision. The Court may extend the time limit.


Having your application refused is stressful and traumatic experience. Applicants are filled with emotions mainly due to uncertainty of their future in Australia. An Immigration lawyer will have experience in understanding the administrative process associated with each step and will assist you to put the best case forward.



Available Jobs in Australia

Jobs in Australia

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  • Strong administrative skills including record keeping and note taking


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Medical Administrator

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