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Issue #1 Aug 2013

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Dear readers, I am excited to present the first fortnight issue of the No Border Newsletter for August! Each issue, our newsletter team sources and writes up articles packed with the most recent news relating to immigration, employment advice, trending topics in Australia and more!

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Australian PM says: No more boat people!

Jensen Tan | August 2013

From now on, any asylum seeker who arrives in Australia by boat will have no chance of being settled in Australia as a refugee," the prime minister of Australia, Mr Kevin Rudd told to reporters in Brisbane.

Asylum seekers arriving at Christmas Island will be sent to Australia's Manus Island processing centre and elsewhere in Papua New Guinea for assessment of their refugee status.

"If they are found to be genuine refugees, they will be resettled in Papua New Guinea", Mr Rudd said.

This arrangement is stipulated to apply to the next 12 months and be subject to annual review. Mr Rudd said Australia and PNG would deliver the message "loud and clear" to people smuggling networks and criminal elements within Australia helping them.

Mr Rudd said Australia and PNG would deliver the message "loud and clear" to people smuggling networks and criminal elements within Australia helping them.

"Asylum seekers who are determined to be genuine refugees will therefore have a country of settlement, namely Papua New Guinea."

Some think that this decision is too harsh while others support the strong verdict made by the PM. What do you think?

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New multicultural access and equity plans unveiled

Jensen Tan | August 2013

Commonwealth government departments and agencies are tailoring their services for people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds under new multicultural access and equity requirements.

The Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Senator Kate Lundy, today unveiled new multicultural access and equity plans from government departments and agencies. The plans outline the strategies, priority actions and targets for improving services for individuals from CALD backgrounds.

"Government programs and services should be accessible by all Australians and responsive to their needs regardless of their cultural and linguistic backgrounds,' Senator Lundy said."

In 2011-12, an independent panel asked how the Australian government could improve the responsiveness of its services to the culturally and linguistically diverse population of Australia.

The government issued its response to the panel's findings and recommendations in early 2013, outlining its commitments against each recommendation under the strengthened Multicultural Access and Equity Policy: Respecting diversity. Improving responsiveness.

Under the policy, all Australian government departments and agencies are required to prepare biennial agency multicultural plans.

The plans clearly define minimum obligations that must be addressed across six sections: leadership, engagement, performance, capability, responsiveness and openness. Each section outlines priority actions, responsibilities, timelines and measurable targets.

"I'm pleased to say many Australian government agencies, including my department, have already completed and published their agency multicultural plans."

This policy is seen as part of the government's vision of a socially inclusive society, in which all Australians feel valued and have the opportunity to participate fully.

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No Borders Offers Free Migration Seminars

The entire team at No Borders consists of only the top migration specialists, each one of them has a special story to share. The majority of the team are migrants ourselves so we understand your concerns and different struggles. As a service to educate the public of the ever-changing migration laws, No Borders hosts a free migration seminar every Thursday at our Milton office.

Everyone is welcomed to join; there is also a Question and Answer session so come with your questions ready!

When: Every Thursday, 5pm
Where: No Borders Office, Milton – Level 4, 20 Park Road
How much: It's Free!
Hot to reserve a seat: Send us an email

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Job Ready Program

Jensen Tan | August 2013

For anyone who intends to find work in Australia, they will have to obtain an Australia visa with working rights. There are a number of visas that come with working rights, some examples are the Skilled Independent visa subclasses 189 & 190, Employer Nomination Scheme visa subclasses 186, Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa subclass 187, Employer sponsored visa subclass 457, Partner visas, etc.

One of the more common work-permit visas would be the Temporary Business (Long Stay) visa subclass 457. The 457 visa is a temporary visa that allows skilled workers to be sponsored by a business in Australia to fill a job vacancy that cannot be filled locally. It is said that this visa has been especially effective in recruiting skilled workers to regional areas where it is difficult to recruit Australian for work in.

What are the requirements of a 457 Visa?

  • You must work in a skilled occupation
  • You must demonstrate that you have the skills and experience necessary to perform the work required in the occupation selected.

How do I find out if I fulfil the requirement?

Refer to the list of skilled occupations and find an occupation closely related to what you have been doing.

If your nominated occupation is related to trades-work (i.e. motor mechanic, panel beater, etc.), you may be required to undertake a skills assessment. Otherwise some documents that can prove your skills:

  • Academic and trade qualifications
  • Letter of references
  • Registration, licensing or professional membership (only if required)

Now, if you are in the trades industry, Job2Go will be able to assist you with undertaking a skills assessment. The skills assessment fee range from AUD$ 2000 onwards. Should you be interested, please contact our HR Admin team at

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Job Vacancies by Job2Go

Jensen Tan | August 2013

For those who are looking to find work in Australia, Job2Go is the place to go! Being a recruitment agency that works closely with No Borders, Job2Go offers human resource and recruitment solutions to companies in Australia. Basing itself on core values such as honesty, professionalism and commitment, Job2Go is set to be the leading recruitment company in Australia.

Below is a list of current available jobs that are open to applications by overseas workers. To apply, simply send an email with your latest resume/CV to with the job position as the email subject title.

  • 1. Welder / Fabricator - can perform MIG/TIG Welding
  • 2. Asian Chef - able to use the wok and has 5 years of experience with Chinese and Vietnamese Food
  • 3. Industrial Painter - has 5 years of experience
  • Diesel Fitter / Mechanic - has 5 years of experience
  • Panel Beater - has 5 years of experience
  • CNC machinist - has 5 years of experience

Please note that to be eligible for these positions; you will most likely need to do an English test (IELTS) and a skills assessment. For more information, send an email to

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