Top 10 reasons Why you should Migrate to Brisbane

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Brisbane is one of the most wholesome cities in Australia!

Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, is no dearth of diverse attractive factors that makes people fall in love with it.
If you are contemplating about moving to Brisbane, don’t think. Just do it! Here are some of the reasons why living in Brisbane will make your life awesome.


Amazing Lifestyle for People with Different Tastes

The best thing about Brisbane is the combination of the leisure activities it has for people from different walks of life and of varying tastes. 

While beaches are the popular go-to option for many, there are also several other places to explore and enjoy.  For those who like to spend an entire day shopping till you drop, the Queen Street Mall is the best option.

If you are the one who loves to be adventurous, then the Story Bridge Adventure Climb is a must! You will enjoy a panoramic view of the Brisbane as you walk in groups in safety harnesses over the Brisbane’s cantilever bridge. In recent times fresh produce markets have been popping up all over Brisbane as locals demand for local gourmet produce increases. The markets are also a great way to get involved in the community and meet the locals. 

If you love nature, the Scenic Rim is home to the largest tract of subtropical rainforest in the world and whether you choose to walk in it, drive in it, or just sit quietly and enjoy the stunning scenery and beauty of the surrounds - you cannot help but feel you are in a truly awe inspiring place. There are many options for accommodation ranging from bed and breakfasts to luxury eco lodgings. Rainforest tours and national park walks are a highlight.

Beautiful Beaches..There is a beach in the centre of Southbank

No one would ever doubt Brisbane’s obsession with the sun, sand, and sea. For those living in Brisbane who don’t want to make the long drive to the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast, there is an oasis waiting in the heart of the city streets.


The best bit? Streets Beach is free for you and your family to enjoy!


Streets Beach is the only man-made and inner-city beach in Australia, and it’s defined as a South Bank icon. This sunny oasis provides a beautiful and clean safehaven for families and individuals wanting to escape the heat. The beach area is constantly patrolled and supervised by trained and qualified lifeguards. 


Handy access to Medicare and Centrelink

Medicare provides free treatment at public hospitals, access to subsidised services and medicine, cheaper health insurance and bulk billing.Centrelink, providing social security payments and other aids associated with sickness, unemployment and study. Living in Brisbane with numerous office locations across the city, you can access to the all-inclusive coverage and services conveniently!

Quality Education and Prestigious University

Brisbane has approximately 544 schools, roughly 2/3 of which are public, and while there is only one designated International school, several others offer International Baccalaureate programs. Students from non-English speaking backgrounds are also eligible for assistance through EQI (Education Queensland International) programs.


As for post-secondary education, Brisbane provides a wide array of opportunities, ranging from community colleges and technical institutions through to schools for students of hospitality, business and trades. There are also a number of world class universities, the three highest ranked (according to the World University Rankings) are the following.

-University of Queensland (Ranked 43) – Specialties include Law, Governance, Science, Arts, Humanities, Veterinary Science and Public Service.

-Queensland University of Technology (Ranked 285) – Specialties include Education, Health, Science, Engineering, Business and Creative Industries.

-Griffith University (Ranked 324) – Specialties include Nursing, IT, Digital Media, Commerce, International Business, Public Relations, Design and Exercise Science.


Also, Australian permanent residents have access to financial support through the Higher Educations Loans Programs (HELP). Essentially, this operates as a loan for students enrolled in a public university, allowing you to ‘borrow’ the tuition fees and pay it back only once you have exceeded the compulsory repayment threshold of $46,620.


Affordability of living in Brisbane

Did you know that Brisbane is currently a buyers paradise, with the medium house price almost half of that in Sydney? Whether you’re moving for a career change, the weather, or to be closer to family, you will benefit from the more affordable housing market Brisbane has to offer.


With house prices in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth sky rocketing over recent years, many people make the move north to the sunshine state in order to find a better quality of life, particularly young families. Brisbane is the most affordable capital city to live in and with so many other positive life style benefits it’s easy to see why it’s an attractive option for those wanting to stretch their dollar that bit further.


Olympics is coming to Brisbane

Brisbane is the official front runner for 2032 Olympics, and we all know what Olympics means! It would revitalise Brisbane and bring potential impact for the construction and infrastructure sector, create numerous job opportunities and more! Brisbane's 2032 Olympic Games could have a major impact on Brisbane, making it as a world leader!


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