New entrepreneurship opportunities launched in Australia

If you are thinking about starting a new business in Australia, now is the time to do it, with the launch of new opportunities for entrepreneurs.Immigration News

If you are thinking about starting a new business in Australia, now is the time to do it, with the launch of new opportunities for entrepreneurs.

According to Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane, a new era for industry development has begun, focussing on investment, jobs growth, and new opportunities.

He said the government was working with businesses on new programmes with a focus on making Australian industry more competitive. The aim is to drive business productivity gains across the economy and help create new jobs.

As part of the new $484.2 million Entrepreneurs' Infrastructure Programme, the government is investing $92.4 million in a new, streamlined Single Business Service Delivery initiative.

'Through the Entrepreneurs' Infrastructure Programme, the Australian Government is setting a new path for Australian industry, which will embrace the determination and ingenuity of the business community and help turn good ideas into great market outcomes,' said Macfarlane.

'The Single Business Service is about making it easier for all businesses to work with the government. It will make information, advice and support simpler to find, understand and access,' he explained.

'All Australian businesses will benefit from this more simple and streamlined approach, which will also seamlessly direct eligible customers into more intensive support to help businesses overcome particular challenges,' he added.

He pointed out that under the new service, eligible businesses will be linked to specific government assistance programmes, like the Entrepreneurs' Infrastructure Programme, R&D Tax Incentive, Industry Skills Fund, Manufacturing Transition Grants Programme and Growth Fund and other energy efficiency, industry and skills programmes.

Bruce Billson, Minister for Small Business, said that every Australian business, including small businesses and independent contractors, will be able to access Department of Industry information and services through a single website or contact number.

'The integration of the Small Business Support Line into the Single Business Service Delivery initiative will simplify and streamline the delivery of support available to all businesses,' he explained.

'The service will expand the existing Support Line initiative by providing small businesses with enhanced access to advice on business start-up information, banking, finance, accounting and marketing, advertising, small business counselling and information technology,' he added.

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